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I’ve been a television watching machine these days!  I can’t believe we’re already halfway through Supernatural season 11!  Thank goodness we only have about a month left before season 12 hits Netflix because I’m going to be so sad when this ends!  I’m pretty addicted.  I don’t want to be caught up!

Anyway, outside of watching Supernatural my husband and I also binge watched Iron Fist.  It wasn’t my favorite of the Marvel Netflix shows, that goes to Jessica Jones or Daredevil, but I enjoyed it.  And, Danny Rand definitely wins the sexiest award, for sure.  His smile is something special.

Danny Fist

It’s funny because while I was watching Iron Fist I couldn’t stop thinking about the similarities between it and The Arrow.  Two millionaire sons who are believed dead, only to be trained in martial arts and then make a miraculous return in an attempt to take over the family business.  There’s more, but that should give you an idea.  I don’t know what Green Arrow and Iron Fist’s original origin stories are, but these two shows were so alike.  I had to laugh when I googled it and found article upon article saying the same thing.  I guess I’m not the only one who noticed.  Either way, I’m glad I watched it, and it’s made me so excited for The Defenders!

I also caught up and watched through to the end of Vampire Diaries.  I thought I’d given up, sick of all the back and forth Damon crap, and how it seemed like the last season was all about dragging these characters down.  I didn’t quit, and I’m glad I didn’t.  I thought they found a great way to end the show.  It even ended exactly how I wanted it to, and yet it still devastated me!  My daughter, Baby Chick, she lost it.  I don’t think she’s ever cried that hard while watching television before.  She even got scared because she couldn’t catch her breath, she was crying so hard.  Is it weird I thought she was cute?


Finally, Switched at Birth also went off the air.  I’m pretty sad about this one.  I feel like I discovered it late, so I only got 2 seasons to watch with the fans.  Plus, I legitimately thought it was a good show.  I’ve heard people talk about it’s flaws, but I still think it opened people’s eyes and taught us a lot.  I’m not sure what my opinion is worth, though.  Anyway, I wish the finale had been as good as the entire series.  I got the impression the writers decided to cram in all the social issues they’d planned in the final ten episodes.  It was just too much.  I also hated how cliche Bay’s career was.  If only becoming a successful artist, including a tattoo artist, was that easy.  We were supposed to believe her struggle, but it wasn’t a struggle at all.  She jumped straight to tattoo magazine and celebrity clients!  Actually, a lot suddenly came easy to the characters in the end.  Even Regina, after everything she went through, all she had to do was ask and supposedly she received everything that was supposedly impossible before.  And then!  The final shot, sooo cheesy.  I had to roll my eyes.

BUT, there were some good things that happened in the end.  I was terrified Bay would go back to Emmett, but I was so thankful they chose to have her leave him in the past.  High School loves rarely become forever loves.  Plus, her and Travis, they were so adorable together.  I loved how much they cared for each other, and how understanding they were.  I was also ecstatic when Bay chose her own life over traveling around with Travis and sitting in his hotel rooms.  I love seeing women choose their own future.  I loved explaining it to my daughter.  I hope she learned that lesson, even if she was sad.

All in all, I would have loved to have gotten more.  Oh well.


Hopefully I’ll have a lot more to talk about next month!  Until then, tell me what you’re watching, or your thoughts on these shows?  I’d love to hear it.

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      1. We’re rewatching season 11 for the second time through, saving season 12 until we’re up to it again (haven’t seen any of s12 yet) so it’ll be all new to us too!


      2. They’re kind of worse than an old married couple (Sam and Dean). Let’s not forget this too – Crowley, stop trying to bromance Dean and remember you’re the King of Hell!


  1. I always think I’ll try to watch some television, and I did watch the first two episodes of Arrow and love them, and the same for Strange Things. But that was months ago, and I haven’t watched again.

    I’m sorry Switched at Birth didn’t have as much of a good ending as you’d have liked.


  2. I have yet to start watching any of these shows. I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned that I like watching shows that are over and Vampire Diaries and Switched At Birth are both on my list. It’s funny I was supposed to watch Switched at Birth after I finished the West Wing, but I dove into Dexter instead. I love Dexter and I’m almost finished, although, and I have been told, that the ending was crap and I’m starting to see it decline as I head into the final season. So I’ll just watch and find out. I’m also still trying to finish 13 Reasons. I also want to start this new show called Snatch which stars Rupert Grint. I have no idea what it’s about but I have it ready to watch in my Crave TV queue.


      1. I may just start from the beginning 13 Reasons because it was a few weeks ago that I started. It would be interesting to see where they would go with another season (although I haven’t gotten to the end of the first so I can’t say much).
        I think Dexter is a hit or miss for people. It took me a while to get used to his inner monologues and talking to himself, narrating the story, there aren’t a lot of TV shows that do that, but I think Dexter does it well.


  3. I couldn’t get into Iron Fist, but I’m really excited about the Defenders after seeing the trailer. The next season of Daredevil and Jessica Jones don’t air until next year so I need it to be good! 🙂


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