Top Collab Tuesday | TTT Halloween Freebie meet T5T and Book to Film Creepsters!

Happy Halloween to all of the blogosphere out there!

Halloween week is probably my favorite holiday each year. There were the kids who loved Halloween for the candy, and those who loved Halloween for the make believe. I was definitely in the latter.

I have a feeling a lot of us bookworms were.

This week, I’m dedicating both blog meme’s to those creepsters we love to hate, or hate to love. Starting with…

Five Creepsters
from Biblio to Film

1. Pennywise

It by Stephen King

Pennywise scares me. I’ve told this story before, but I tried 3 times to read It before I was finally successful. This from a girl that doesn’t find books scary.
Then, when I saw the original It, with Tim Curry, it was not scary to me. Not at all. Granted, I didn’t see it when it was released, and instead saw it 20 years later but “not impressed” is an understatement.
However, then we got Bills Skarsgard, and I was sunk. Pennywise in the book, terrifying. Bill Skarsgard, now I gotta sleep with the lights on!

2. The Monster

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

This monster is creepy, but he’s also wise. He’s one of those that you hate to love. Actually, sometimes you love to love him too. He’s an important monster, because he makes you brave your worse fear. We need more monsters like this one.

3. Hannibal Lecter

Silence of the Lambs by Melina Marchetta

I haven’t seen this movie, or read the book. Know why? Because the idea of Hannibal Lecter creeps me the eff out. Anthony Hopkins played this roll far too well. He embodied this character, and he gives me nightmares just from my imaginings. I don’t want to read him. No way.

4. Grandmother

Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews

I hated this woman. Yes, there was a prequel that explained how she became the evil she was, but it didn’t truly absolve her. She was absolutely awful. There’s a special kind of evil in a person who can wield religion as a means to torture and harm.

5. Gage

Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Gage… a friend of mine named her first born after this little boy. How can you not? He’s the cutest little monster I’ve ever seen! Even my daughter, the first time she watched Pet Sematary, she cried as Gage “died” saying no fair! No fair!

How do you not see that face and immediately want to cuddle him? That’s how he gets you. A snuggle = a knife in the back.

Biblio-Creepsters that should be on film!

6. Billy Dent

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

Billy Dent scared me. He sounded like a serial killer. He nailed the coldness. The emptiness. This part, this really sold me on his soullessness – Names were labels for things, the killer knew. Nouns. Person, place, thing, idea-just like you learned in school. See this thing I drink from? I give it the label of “cup,” and so what? See this thing I cover my body with? I give it the label of “shirt,” and so what? See this thing I have opened to the darkening sky, allowing beautiful moonlight to shine within? I give it the label of “Jerome Herrington,” and so what? – And so what… if that doesn’t give you shivers, I don’t even know. Someone needs to put this character on film.

7. Eve Taggert

A Familiar Dark by Amy Engel

I loved Eve. I f*cking loved her. I don’t think there’s a mother out there who wouldn’t feel the way I do about her. I love her. Yet, I’m terrified of her. You want to know how a mom turns into a Monster? Read about Eve Taggert. She’s the kind of villain that lives inside all of us.

8. Extremely Upper Management

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

Extremely Upper Management is a corporate evil. It is group evil. It is ‘torturing children’ evil. TJ Klune knows how to nail creepsters, man. And these are cream of the crop.

9. Mermaids

Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

This. Must. Be. Made. Into. A. Movie. Stat.
If I got 3 wishes, my first wish would be for lots of money, obviously. My second wish, health. My THIRD wish would be for a big box office movie of Into the Drowning Deep. This story is freaky! These mermaids terrify me. Please please, please someone read this and send it to Spielburg… no, Burton!

10. Victor Vale

Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Victor Vale is definitely a hate to love character for me. He is a sociopath. Seriously. He was a sociopath before he became a super villain. He’s a terrible person, and yet I adore him. Odd, since his best frienemesis started out as a good person, and turned evil after absolute power, and him I hate hate. Not Victor. I love the bad guy who’s forced to act on the side of good. Such an entertaining movie, if only.

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