Anything but Books Tag!

Today I went a’thievin, and what did I find? An awesomely fun tag! Big thanks to Book Princess Reviews for allowing my pickity-pockety little fingers to lift this delight right from under their noses. We owe you one, truly. NAME A CARTOON CHARACTER THAT YOU LOVE. Calvin because I heavily identify with some of his […]

My Not So Good Childhood Reading Habits

I found this glorious amended tag on Cam’s Bookish Tales!  She found the original on The Orangutan Librarian.  She thought, “Oh this is fun!” And I pretty much thought exactly the same thing!  I may have even done something similar before, but I loved thinking about how different of a reader I am now, compared to […]

Disney Princess Sidekicks Book Tag

I really loved the Disney Princess Tag, because who doesn’t love a Disney Princess!  Still, my favorites are always those awesome adorable sidekicks!  (I was always a Meeko girl!) Thank you so much for tagging me, Mandy!  I love your new original tag and I can’t wait to play.  Everyone else should go check out […]

The Book Titles Tag

Stealing tags has become something of the norm for me.  I can’t help it.  There are so many unique tags out there, and I want to stretch my brain.  Like this one, The Book Titles Tag, where you answer questions using only a book title.  I love it!  So creative! I found this tag on […]

How to Train Your Dragon Book Tag

Okay, so lets start this tag with a confession.  Ready?  I’ve only seen How to Train Your Dragon once.  The first movie only, none of the shows or follow ups.  And it was okay, cute enough, but it wasn’t up there on my favorites list.  My daughter, Baby Chick, she actually really loves this one […]