About Birdie Bookworm:
Once upon a time when I was a little girl, I would spend countless hours curled up with one book in my hand, and another beside me waiting its turn. I loved when I was able to become Nancy Drew, solving crimes, or Elizabeth Wakefield with her wild twin sister Jessica. I never realized how, as the years went by, my leisure time would ebb.

Eventually I grew up, and those adult responsibilities caused me to stop reading entirely. Sadly my life existed this way for a long time, until one day I realized that by letting go of reading I’d lost part of my identity. From that moment on I strove to fit novels back into my life, grabbing moments where I could find them, in an effort to fill my imagination with all new adventures.

I’m now the mother of a 16 year old, and the wife of a 42 year old! I’m a loving dog and bird owner, and have been a lit social networker since 2010.  I can thankfully say I’ve found balance in my little world, one that includes reading but also my other interests, like television and movies.  The three go hand in hand, I think. They’re all wormholes (in a sense) out of our own reality and into another. -If it’s fiction anyway, which for me it usually is. I also love music, most any kind, but I’m not afraid to admit that my favorite is pop music. I love NKOTB, Ed Sheeran, and Twenty One Pilots… all of them probably waaay too much.

These days, in times of high stress, I find myself gravitating to my bookshelves, I have 5, and I will stand for hours reorganizing and shuffling them. I’m not a fan of alphabetical order. I prefer them to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It’s like a constant puzzle, keeping series together, but keeping the rows and lines flowing and pretty. It’s probably the one area of my life where I get a bit OCD. When it comes to genre’s or age classification, I jump around EVERYWHERE. My favorite is Romance, but I also enjoy Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Thrillers, Suspense, Contemporary Fiction, and Dystopian. I read both Adult, NA, and YA.

You’ll never catch me in any bar, club, crazy raging party, or anywhere there may be a large gathering of strangers, (the exception being concerts from favorite musicians). I’m more likely to be tucked into the corner of my couch watching one of my favorite shows, or preferably in bed under a comforter with my current novel.

About Cat:
Hi there!  I’m Cat. 

I try my best to guide the huge, intense and SUPER PUMPED personality that is my tween year old son through to young adulthood.  We share our home with three Generals: General George Washington the pug, General Charles Cornwallis who is a beautiful long haired cat, and a Bug (Boston Terrier/Pug mix) named General William Tecumseh Sherman.

My reading home is very non-fiction, heavy on American History.  The soft, warm and fuzzy chair of my reading home is historical romance novels. OMG I love those things.  Give me Regency or give me death!  (Not really. I’ll take Edwardian or time-travel in a pinch.)

Oh, and dating in your 30’s sucks!


*Original Birdie Bookworm artwork was created by B-Rex
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