Top Ten Tuesday | Because Mommy Said So!

This is a topic I’ve thought about an awful lot.  I even created a shelf on Goodreads titled ‘Should be Required Reading’, and it’s full of books that I think teenagers should read, ones that I’ll steer my own daughter towards as she matures. I’ve included some of those here, but I’ve also included books […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Titles That Make You Go Hmmmm

I know how popular the saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ is, but the truth is I think we all judge a book by the cover.  What else do we have to go by, when you’re browsing the bookstore? Obviously the first thing I look at is the cover, but I’ve definitely been […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Books with Tastiness!

Top Ten Tuesday has been hard for the last few weeks! I don’t read a lot of foodie books, so instead I’m making a list of books that make me think about food.  When eating dinner makes me think of something I read. These are the top ten! 1, 2, & 3 – Winston Brothers […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Cozy books for Autumn Reading!

Who knew this would be such a hard Top Ten Tuesday! Not me!  I thought it’d be simple.  Autumn covers, what’s so hard about that?  Apparently everything, when you read the books I do!  I could only find 8.  8 mediocre books that I was uninspired by. So, I changed it.  I’ve decided to talk about […]

Top Ten Tuesday | The Book Boyfriend

I feel like I’ve done similar book boyfriend posts before, but since it’s one of my favorite topics I just had to do it again. I can’t wait to see who everyone else chose! #1 Boyfriend! Jamie Fraser from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon I had one last try.  “Does it bother you that I’m not a […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Characters with a Disability

This week’s TTT was such a simple prompt, but it ended up being so much harder than I thought!  My first pick was ‘well adjusted YA characters’, but as hard as I tried I couldn’t find one, let alone ten! Books that feature a main character with a disability, mental illness, or physical handicap was […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Fall Reads for Birdie

This is a bit of a TTT tradition, the one where we post the books we’re looking forward to reading in the upcoming season.  This time it’s about Fall releases. These are usually harder for me.  I struggle coming up with 10 books I already want.  This year I had 10 books, easy.  I didn’t […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Beloved Books I Can’t Read Now

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday happens to be something I think about a lot.  My bookshelves are filled with books from when I was younger, and I look and them and think about how I can’t reread them.  I’d love to recapture that love, but I’m nervous they wouldn’t mean as much to me now. […]

Top Ten Tuesday | The Reading Struggle is Real!

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is all about the struggle.  The reading struggle.  I know a lot of us are faster to quit a book simply because we have so many books waiting to be picked up.  Still, there are those times where you feel in our gut that if we’d just hold on a little […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Hidden Gems in YA

10 Virtually Unknown YA Books I’m betting that some of you are thinking that YA is not a genre, and I would completely agree with you.  It’s not a genre, it’s a classification.  Basically, yes I am cheating.  See, I realized as I was looking through my read books that I don’t consider a lot […]

Top Ten Tuesday | School Age Favorites

10 of the Best Books I Read, NOT for School I hated reading school assigned books.  I have an aversion to reading what I’ve been instructed to.  I physically can’t retain anything, which I feel sounds like an excuse, but I mean it.  No matter how much I try, no matter how much focus, I […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Recommendations for M/M!

10 Books for People Who Want to Try M/M Romance I’m not sure how obvious it is, but I try to read a wide variety of genres.  It’s always been something I’ve done for my own comfort.  I love many different types of fiction, but I find that when I read too much of one […]

TTT Throwback – Desert Island Reads!

10 Books to Help Me Survive A Desert Island I’ve been missing Top Ten Tuesday recently, so I popped over to The Broke & The Bookish to see if there’d been any updates.  There were!  I was able to get scheduled up through September, yay! While I was there, I started reading through all the […]

Top Ten Tuesday | 10 Series I Need to Read!

10 Series I Need to Start Stop Putting Off I’ve been putting off writing this one because I couldn’t think of any series that I’ve been wanting to start, and haven’t.  Well, how wrong was I, because I wound up with about 30 to choose from.  I didn’t realize I’ve had my eye on so […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Amazing Fathers

10 Amazing Fictional Fathers! I’ve heard a lot of people say that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just Hallmark holidays, and I strongly disagree.  I feel like dismissing the nationwide holiday is to dismiss everything that a good parent does.  We should have day that honors their hard work. I’ve also heard people say […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Wanna read, in the Second Half!

I don’t know why it’s always so hard for me to come up with 10 books that I’m looking forward to.  There are so many books that I want to read, but most of them already come out or come out in 2018. So, anyway, here’s six of the books I’m most excited for.  Hopefully […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Happy Mother’s Day!

Ten Books with Stellar Mom’s! I spent a lot of time deliberating on what theme I should take with Top Ten Tuesday’s Mother’s Day theme.  I was actually leaning toward a post about mom’s who should be better.  Here’s the deal though, Mother’s work so hard and this day is supposed to be about celebrating […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Gimme the Good Stuff

10 Things I Need More Of When I read the topic for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday I didn’t think I’d be joining in.  It wasn’t until I went back to the list and reread that my mind started thinking of things I’d like to see more of in a book.  I realized how many […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Covers, The Best and Worst

The Best and The Worst from My 5 Favs! I ran through a few different idea’s for this week’s book cover topic on Top Ten Tuesday.  Things like, ‘worst covers for best books’ or ‘book cover makeovers’.  I just knew I wanted it to be something about terrible book covers.  For some reason bad book covers […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Unique Reads

Ten Unique Book Characters This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about unique books.  Listing our top ten books in a genre, or top ten books that had a unique plot.  I thought it was an interesting topic, and it immediately brought to mine all the unique characters that I’ve read over the years.  I […]

Top Ten Fandom Tuesday Eve!!

Sometimes I wonder how I can still be into things like ‘Fandoms’ at my age.  I mean, I’m 38 years old.  Should I even know what Fandoms are?  My mother would say I should have outgrown this obsession.  I’m not sure I want to.  I like fantasizing and ‘fangirling’ about things I love. So, here […]

Top Ten Tuesday | The Unputdownable

Ten Books I Read in One Day I don’t read a book in one day much anymore.  Time just doesn’t allow it, unfortunately.  However, there have been some that I loved so much I finished MOST of it in one day.  Meaning, I may have been at like 6% when I picked it up that […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Spring Releases

Ten Spring Releases I Can’t Wait For This is an easy Top Ten Tuesday.  I love keeping track of new releases and sharing them with all of you.  I especially love going to see all the new releases you’re looking forward to, also!  It’s all about drowning ourselves in books to read, right? We all […]

Top Ten Tuesday | To Love or To Hate

It’s Top Ten Tuesday and while I haven’t been joining in on every TTT, this is one week that sounded like a lot of fun! It’s all about the books that surprised you.  Have we read any books we thought we were going to love, but we ended up hating.  OR, we could choose books […]

Top Ten Tuesday Eve | Underrated Books

Ten Underrated Books This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about underrated books, or hidden gems.  I’ve been picking and choosing which Top Ten Tuesday’s I want to do, rather than just do them all, and I chose this week because who doesn’t like talking about great books that get no love.  I know I […]