Top Ten Tuesday | Happy Mother’s Day!

Ten Books with Stellar Mom’s! I spent a lot of time deliberating on what theme I should take with Top Ten Tuesday’s Mother’s Day theme.  I was actually leaning toward a post about mom’s who should be better.  Here’s the deal though, Mother’s work so hard and this day is supposed to be about celebrating […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Covers, The Best and Worst

The Best and The Worst from My 5 Favs! I ran through a few different idea’s for this week’s book cover topic on Top Ten Tuesday.  Things like, ‘worst covers for best books’ or ‘book cover makeovers’.  I just knew I wanted it to be something about terrible book covers.  For some reason bad book covers […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Unique Reads

Ten Unique Book Characters This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about unique books.  Listing our top ten books in a genre, or top ten books that had a unique plot.  I thought it was an interesting topic, and it immediately brought to mine all the unique characters that I’ve read over the years.  I […]