Birdie’s Best Books of the Twenty-Teens!

2019 really sucked for me, in many ways, but especially in blogging. I disappeared for months! I tried to find my drive again, but every time I tried to announce my return, I’d only disappear again. It’s why I promised myself I’m not going to make any announcement this time. It’s better to take it […]

2019 Best of the Best, Part 1 | January-June

Can you believe, I almost didn’t write this post. I really haven’t read many books this year. I think, so far, I’ve only completed 27 books. For SHAME! I couldn’t also give up on my best of posts! I managed to pick 10 books I really enjoyed, and pulled this together. Please reward my good […]

2019 Blogging/Reading Resolutions

This year my resolutions are short and sweet. Birdie resolves to use not be so strict in her blogging schedule. In 2016 and 2017 I was able to blog religiously, regularly, following a pretty steady schedule.  2018, it was more of a struggle, and I spent a lot of time agonizing over it.  I started […]

2018 Beat the Backlist RESULTS!

2018 Beat the Backlist has come to an end.  How did I do?  Meh… I guess I did okay.  Not great. I read 15 books I consider part of ‘Beat the Backlist’.  What I qualify are books I put on my TBR list before 2018, and they were published before 2018.  I also don’t count […]

2018 Best of the Best, Part 2 | July-December

I can’t believe 2018 is over.  I’m glad it’s over, don’t get me wrong, it just flew by so fast!  Thankfully this Best of the Best post kicks off my favorite blogging week!It’s where I get to rant and rave over the books that inspired me, or just gave me significant feels! As a reminder, […]

Birdie’s 2018 Year in Books!

One of my favorite Goodreads features is their Year in Books. I look forward to it each December. I get a sick kind of enjoyment at the end of each year. I’m a bookworm through and through, so knowing how many books I read each year is like a badge of honor. I’m positive all […]