Flights of Fancy | Characters I Couldn’t Steal

I’ve got a new topic for you, one that might be a little strange, but it’s one my friend and I talk about.  Over and over.  A pretty much identical conversation each time it happens. We randomly start talking about the fictional characters that we love so much we want to rip them out of the […]

Monthly Media Mashup

I’ve been a television watching machine these days!  I can’t believe we’re already halfway through Supernatural season 11!  Thank goodness we only have about a month left before season 12 hits Netflix because I’m going to be so sad when this ends!  I’m pretty addicted.  I don’t want to be caught up! Anyway, outside of […]

Duo Review | Agents Irish and Whiskey

M/M Romance Suspense Carina Press | February 27, 2017 About the Book: Eight months after the car crash that changed everything, FBI agent Aidan Talley is back at work. New department, new case and a new partner. Smart, athletic and handsome, Jameson Walker is twelve years his junior. Even if Aidan was ready to move on—and he’s […]

April 2017 Recap & What’s Coming Next

5 Star Reads    4-4.5 Star Reads      3-3.5 Star Reads    Rereads     The High’s & Low’s! I had a good month!  Surprisingly, since everything in my personal life was pretty hectic.  I’m astonished that I managed to read 15 books. I think the most exciting part of my reading month was that I […]

Newly Hatched Review | Vigilante

About the Book: A brutally honest, uncompromising story about a teen girl who decides to take matters into her own hands. It’s senior year, and Hadley and her best friend, Magda, should be starting the year together. Instead, Magda is dead and Hadley is alone. Raped at a party the year before and humiliated, Magda […]

In Which I Compare Myself to YA Parents

Today, for the first time, I allowed my daughter to walk with her friends (in a group) to the gas station up the road.   I’m sure there are people out there who would shrug like it’s no big deal, and probably people who think I’m nuts.  I generally fall into the second category.  She’s […]

The Horror Movie Book Tag

Is it unusual that I don’t watch Horror movies at all, but I’ve been looking forward to this tag!  I don’t watch horror movies, but I like horror movie conversations.  I think it’s my husband’s fault.  He’s crazy about horror movies, and occasionally he makes me watch them (with my eyes closed) and he’ll get […]

WWW Wednesday #6

Welcome to my first WWW Wednesday! WWW Wednesday is a meme that is currently hosted by the wonderful bloggers at Taking on a World of Words, but it was originally created at A Daily Rhythm. It’s a simple, but fun, meme where you answer three questions on your own blog, and then leave a link to your […]


I woke up this morning to a big beautiful notification on my phone.  I’ve finally hit 500 WordPress followers! I’m so proud of Birdie Bookworm, but I would be just as proud of it if I only had 5 followers.  Knowing there are others out there who were interested enough to follow me makes everything […]

The One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated by two wonderful blogs for this amazing reward.  Thank you to Lois and David for thinking of me, and also to Everything Under the Sun.  Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment.  It really means a lot. The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog Add the […]

Series Review | Spencer Cohen

About Book One: Spencer Cohen is the guy who gets answers to relationship questions. Playing the role of the new lover, his job is to make his client’s ex realize one of two things: he doesn’t want to break up or he really does. Either way, his client gets answers. The ex would either apologize […]

The Nintendo Book Tag

Hey Icebreaker694, thank you so much for tagging me in the Nintendo Book Tag!  I loved Nintendo when I was younger, and would love to get my hands on some of those older games, like Super Mario Bros.  This one sounds like so much fun.  🙂 NES (Nintendo Entertainment System): A classic you want to […]

Top Ten Fandom Tuesday Eve!!

Sometimes I wonder how I can still be into things like ‘Fandoms’ at my age.  I mean, I’m 38 years old.  Should I even know what Fandoms are?  My mother would say I should have outgrown this obsession.  I’m not sure I want to.  I like fantasizing and ‘fangirling’ about things I love. So, here […]

March 2017 Recap & What’s Coming Next

5 Star Reads   4-4.5 Star Reads      3-3.5 Star Reads   The High’s & Low’s! Obviously I had a lot 4 star reads.  They were all good, I enjoyed them.  My highlights in March were Mercy Thompson, but that’s obvious.  I think the biggest shocker was my obsession with The Foxhole Court.  More than […]

Burn, Rewrite, Reread Book Tag

This tag sounds like so much fun!  Thank you so much to The Sassy Book Geek for tagging me.  I started to do this tag based on books I loved, but I couldn’t.  There are no books I love that I’d want to burn. I’m using the Goodreads tip below.  I’d rather it be truly […]

Book Blogger Insider Tag

Happy Sunday everyone!  It’s Tag Day here at Birdie Bookworm! I wanted to thank Meghan at Whimsical Explorations & Reviews for tagging me in the Book Blogger Insider Tag, especially since these types of tags are my favorite.  I love the questions that are geared more toward learning about each other outside of a favorite book […]

The Best of Friends

This weekend my family suffered a blow when my daughter Alex (Baby Chick) went into our bird room and discovered that her bird, Nemo, had passed away in the night.  I know that not everyone can understand the bond that a person can have with a bird, but it’s real and just as tangible as a bond […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Beloved Songs

This list was SO hard to come up with!  I have so many songs I love; songs that never get obnoxious, no matter how many times I play them.  I couldn’t even have a runner up list, it would have to be a ‘Part 2’ instead. Also, this list is in no particular order.  I could never […]