Birdie’s Best Books of the Twenty-Teens!

2019 really sucked for me, in many ways, but especially in blogging. I disappeared for months! I tried to find my drive again, but every time I tried to announce my return, I’d only disappear again. It’s why I promised myself I’m not going to make any announcement this time. It’s better to take it […]

Liebster Award #2 & #3

You know what makes these awards so special?  It’s that they’re blogger nominated, and that means that you’ve left an impression with another blogger.  Isn’t that what we all set out to do?  It’s the interaction and the friendships that make blogging, and this book world, so fantastic. So, to both Melting Pots and Other […]

Operation ReRead 2017

I’ve always loved to reread my favorite books.  I feel like the first time you read a book, it’s like meeting the story.  Then, each time you reread you’re getting to know the book more and more.  The book begins to share its secrets with you, you become more intimate.  It’s like going out on […]