The Finished Books Tag

I know we’re all in the same boat these days. Those of us in jobs considered “Essential” are released from our homes for a days work. Then we return to sit on the couch, or clean, or anything that breaks up the hours of boredom really. I thought I could break up the monotony with […]

It’s All About the Stars!

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about book ratings.  Ultimately that means that you guys are going to get some over-analyzed drawn out post from me, where I detail out things you probably don’t care about.  So, in advance, thank you for humoring me. First of all, now that I follow a lot of blogs […]

Opinions are like ***holes…

Before I start this blog post I want to clarify that, as a reviewer, I would NEVER tell anyone how they should write a book review.  I don’t believe it’s fair of authors to try and influence a review, nor do I think it’s right for reviewers to argue with each other about how they […]