Top 5 Tuesday | Bad Haunted House Partners – Bibio-style!

Top 5 Tuesday!  I feel like it’s been so long since I joined Top 5 Tuesday, and really I only missed one week!  I felt like a failure, but I keep reminding myself it’s gotta be okay to take a week off when you’ve got the flu.  I mean, I didn’t even read.  How can […]

Hocus Pocus Book Tag

I’m not sure if people know how much I love Hocus Pocus, of if it was just a fluke, but I was tagged for the Hocus Pocus Book Tag by two different wonderful blogs!  So the first thing I want to do is thank Naty at Naty’s Bookshelf, and Rebecca at My Life as a […]

Halloween Tag

Halloween Tag was created by NeylaKunta for Nomnivors #Halloween-Wochen.  I was tagged by Mikku-chan. Thank you for tagging me.  I wanted to get this one out before Halloween was too far past, so I decided to squeeze it in today. Happy Belated Halloween everyone.   1. What is your favorite Thriller/crime? I don’t actually read a lot […]

What are my favorite scary movies?

Ha!  That’s a trick question!  There are none!  I hate scary movies! Now you’re probably wondering what the heck the purpose of this post is then, right?  Despite my aversion to being scared, I still wanted to give you guys something interesting to read for Halloween.  ‘Interesting’ is subjective, I know.  You may find this post boring. […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Halloween Freebie!

   Ten Spooky Stories   This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about Halloween, our choice. It was an easy one for me, because no matter how old I get one of the first things I think about on Halloween is the old Scary Stories book for kids.  I bought this for my daughter a few years ago, but […]