May 2018 Recap & What’s Coming Next

5 Star Reads:   4-4.5 Star Reads:    3-3.5 Star Reads:    ReReads: The High’s & Low’s! It felt like May was a really long and busy month.  Summer is so much more complicated and time sucking than any other time.  It makes fitting everything in so much harder.  Thankfully it was a decent month.  […]

April 2018 Recap & What’s Next

5 Star Reads    4-4.5 Star Reads     3-3.5 Star Reads    Rereads      The High’s & Low’s! I feel like I’m really getting back in my groove after my rough April month!  I managed to knock out a lot of books, and the Dewey 24 hour readathon was really helpful.  I keep trying to […]

May 2017 Recap & What’s Coming Next

This month I really struggled with where to put my reads on the ratings list.  You see, rarely is a book exactly 5 stars, sometimes it’s only a 4.75… close enough to 5 that it shouldn’t be lumped in with the 4 star reads.  I’m honest to a fault.  I couldn’t say they were all […]