May 2018 Recap & What’s Coming Next


5 Star Reads:

LifeL1k3 Point Contact

4-4.5 Star Reads:

Jackaby CityLostFortunes Widdershins

3-3.5 Star Reads:

Furyborn Evolved Matter Time


Magic Shifts

The High’s & Low’s!

It felt like May was a really long and busy month.  Summer is so much more complicated and time sucking than any other time.  It makes fitting everything in so much harder.  Thankfully it was a decent month.  My husband finally had his foot surgery, which was healing well but unfortunately we may have had a setback.  Any positive thoughts you could send my way would be appreciated.  It’s been a struggle trying to keep everything together and stay positive.

Happily, I read some pretty fantastic books.  Lifelike was particularly wonderful.  I still think about it often, trying to figure out what the heck this man has up his sleeve next.  You never can tell.  I also read Point of Contact, and even though it took me a while to get up my gumption to read such a tragic (yet romantic) story.  I’m glad I did though, because it ended up being a really beautiful story.  I loved it.

I also finally got around to reading the first Whybourne & Griffin book, Widdershins.  I feel like it’s been on my to read list for years!  There was always something else that took precedence, but I stopped putting it off and I really enjoyed it.  I’m hoping I can read more of them and review the entire series at once.  Romance meets Gothic Horror is a fun mashup!

Next Month Reads

On the Schedule

Flipping Love you Legendary magic-binds Imperial Stout Heroines Journey Ash and Soot

The Potentials

Thunderhead Running with Lions LovesickTitans Iron and Magic

There are some really fun books coming out in June!  Running with Lions, which I’ve been looking forward to since I first saw it.  I’m getting a Foxhole Court feel, which is a major yay.  We finally get Hugh d’Ambray’s book, which I we’ve been waiting forever for.  I hope it’s as good as I’m expecting!

Then, both Heroine’s Journey comes out, which is the conclusion to the whole series.  It’s so fun, and I’m excited to see how Sarah Kuhn is going to end it.  Also, LEGENDARY!  I’ve been wanting to read it from the moment I finished Caraval!  I don’t have my hands on a copy yet, but trust me it will be this week.  I’ll be reading that one stat.

Also, Lovesick Titans.  I thought I’d have to wait much longer, but it’s already out.  I’m going to read it soon, because I’m ready to know how things are going to play out for Mal and Danny.  They’ve lived through so much, and I really just want them to be happy.  I’m banking on them getting the best and happiest ending.

I can’t wait for June.  Bring. It. On.

How was your May?  Did you manage to read most of what you anticipated?  What were your duds?

How about June?  I’d love to hear what you have on deck for next month.


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7 Responses

  1. malanielovesfiction

    I love the way you set up this post!!!!! I’m adding so many of these to my tbr,,especially the two five stars
    and I’m so happy you liked jory!!!!!!!! I don’t like Sam v much but at least we have smol pure Jors c:
    and I want to to read Running With Lions bc the Foxhole Court vibes too!!!!!! *continues to try to fill the void in my heart that is Foxhole Court *decides to reread foxhole court series for the 3rd time*


      1. malanielovesfiction

        hahahahhhhh I’m always staring @ my copies toooo *quietly admits to sometimes just rereading the third book & feels shammmee*
        *stands by for the review i’m so excited*

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