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Sharing blogging love is super important, which is why this monthly post is one I really enjoying drafting up.  Everyone out there writes wonderful, interesting ideas, so here I’m highlighting my favorites in May.  I hope you like them as much as I did.


Not So Modern Girl

Misogyny – Whats It’s All About

Having a daughter, a teen daughter, makes all the struggles facing woman far more scary than they ever were when it was just me.  She’s turning into a woman every day, and I wish the world were safer for her.  Obviously this is a topic that speaks to a lot of us, and I loved the bald and in your face way this post was written.  It spoke to me.


Rating When You Didn’t Read It

This is a HUGE issue with me.  I know, and understand, that authors can be assholes and do asshole crap.  I even understand deciding to discontinue reading their books, in protest.  I can’t understand down rating books you haven’t read.  Feel free to leave reviews on why you don’t want to read the books, add the book to as many angry shelves as possible, but if you didn’t read a book it shouldn’t get a star rating.  It’s dishonest.

Pages Unbound

Why I Wont Buy Books on Amazon

Another hot button topic for me.  I was a rabid Amazon buyer for a long time.  I enjoyed Amazon’s services before it became obvious how awful their business practices were, and I continued even after by telling myself that their customer care was amazing, even if they were hard for vendors to work with.  However, the more time that goes by the more guilt I feel for giving them my money.  This blog article just cemented my drive to no longer buy anything from the big conglomerate.


Do You Have to Review Books to be a Book Blogger

I mean, I feel like the answer to that question is ‘No’, right?  You would think so, but I guess there’s some question around it, especially when reviews don’t generate as many views as other posts.  I personally love reviewing, but I don’t believe they’re mandatory to be a book blogger.  The only thing that would be mandatory is book talk, and you can do that in so many different ways, which was why I loved this article.

Malanie Loves Fiction

Book Review: Wolfsong

Okay, maybe this one is unfair but I don’t care.  It’s the best review of one of my favorite books!  After rereading my review, I’m still really happy with it.  STILL, Malanie managed to write a review that was exactly what my brain did when I finished Wolfsong.  It’s completely eloquent, in that rabid fanatic way!  Also, it’s extra exciting when someone loves a book you’ve recommended, so that only made me love this review even more.  Excellent job, Malanie!

Thanks so much to Kristin Kraves Books for this post idea!

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