Review | A Matter of Time by Mary Calmes

Matter Time.jpgA Matter of Time by Mary Calmes
A Matter of time #1 & #2
M/M Romantic Suspense

Dreamspinner Press | July 17, 2011

About the Book:  Jory Keyes leads a normal life as an architect’s assistant until he is witness to a brutal murder. Though initially saved by police Detective Sam Kage, Jory refuses protective custody—he has a life he loves that he won’t give up no matter who is after him. But Jory’s life is in real jeopardy, especially after he agrees to testify about what he saw.

While dealing with attempts on his life, well-meaning friends who want to see him happy, an overly protective boss, and a slowly unfolding mystery that is much more sinister than he could ever imagine, the young gay man finds himself getting involved with Sam, the conflicted and closeted detective. And though Jory may survive the danger, he may not survive a broken heart.

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Mary Calmes is an author I’ve been wanting to read for a while now, because she’s a relatively popular M/M author and I love M/M!  Thankfully Malanie and I decided to trade favorite books, so she gave me just the excuse I needed to finally pick one up.

A Matter of Time also happened to have been on my To Read shelf, so it really worked out well.  I have a thing for detective romance novels.  It’s kind of like military romance.  I like the adrenaline that comes with the read.  A Matter of Time didn’t have a lot of suspense or adrenaline, but it did set up beautifully for an intriguing back and forth relationship between detective Sam, and witness Jory.

I think most who read A Matter of Time will fall in love with Jory.  He’s got so much personality, and he’s so bubbly and funny.  You can’t help but like him.  I felt like Sam was the harder character to connect with.  He spends most of the story with his head up his ass, so I get why some wouldn’t like him.  I understood him though.  It’s not always easy to accept something that major about yourself.  It takes some of us a little longer to come around and I like when characters are given time to come to terms on their own.  Especially with Sam, because he wasn’t running from Jory.  He accepted their attraction fast.  He just needed time to realize it wasn’t a fluke.

As far as the plot, I loved book 1.  I got frustrated with both characters, but it really become something I couldn’t overlook in book 2.  At one point Sam says he’s bound to make mistakes, but Jory has to stop running.  Then, in the next chapter, Jory is running again.  I wanted to pull my hair out!  Then, when everything finally comes together, something else happens and once again it all falls apart and we’re dropped on a cliffhanger!  I’ll also add that I thought the author tried to push the love of Jory too hard by having all the side characters in love with him.  It wasn’t needed. Jory was a personable main character, and that would have stood on its own.

I can’t bring myself to move on right away.  I need some time to digest before I go back into the relationship mess that is Jory and Sam.  Don’t worry, Malanie, I’ll definitely be coming back to these guys, because I love Jory and Sam!  Thank you so much for the fun recommendation!

Rating: 3_5 feather

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9 Responses

  1. malanielovesfiction

    this post and this post alone gave me the power to emerge from my blogging slump sldkfdkdsjfsdlkj
    first can I just confess i’ve never read military romance and now it is my goal
    also I 100% agree w what you’ve said about Sam, HE’S SUCH A SURLY LAD SOMETIMES,,,but underneath it all he’s actually just melting for jors
    when he fixed his ankle using the special ankle machine??? and his special nicknames for jory and poor maggie never got a nickname,,,bc jory is his special boy?????????
    I was in shock w how literally everyone falls in love w jory but also filled with happiness,,,he’s so cute??? how can something so cute attract so much trouble???


      1. malanielovesfiction

        Sam turned out to be so persistent,,,he’s always the one to fight to make things work???? i’m starting to appreciate him and his strange ways,,,also I can completely see that, Jory really made things hard for him sometimes??? *cough* regularly *cough* XD
        sam should sign him up for track or something,,,he needs to channel his running energy


      1. malanielovesfiction

        OH GOD THE PREMISE????? I’m so excited about this one,,,i’m starting rn c: c: tysm birdddiee


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