May 2018 Recap & What’s Coming Next

5 Star Reads:   4-4.5 Star Reads:    3-3.5 Star Reads:    ReReads: The High’s & Low’s! It felt like May was a really long and busy month.  Summer is so much more complicated and time sucking than any other time.  It makes fitting everything in so much harder.  Thankfully it was a decent month.  […]

2017 Best of the Best | Part 2

Each passing year flies by faster and faster.  Everyone used to warn me that as I got older, the time would start moving faster too.  They were right, and it sucks!  I’m haunted by how fast my daughter is growing up, especially because it reminds me just how old I’m getting.  On the bright side, […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Hidden Gems in YA

10 Virtually Unknown YA Books I’m betting that some of you are thinking that YA is not a genre, and I would completely agree with you.  It’s not a genre, it’s a classification.  Basically, yes I am cheating.  See, I realized as I was looking through my read books that I don’t consider a lot […]

Girl Talk! The Teenage Perspective

Sophie from Beware of the Reader recently began a feature called Mini-Me Pick, similar to Baby Chick’s Pick.  We decided a collaboration was in order so, with Sophie’s daughter Julie and Baby Chick’s/Alex’s help, we’ve brought you twice the teenage perspective! Julie and Alex are strong teenage girls, in every way.  Alex is a 13 […]

Norse Mythology Book Tag

I love this tag!  I think it goes really well with the Greek Tag, I think someone should come up with a Roman God tag, or a Hawaiian God tag.  We could have a whole set.  It would be so fun.  🙂 Mandy, thank you so much for tagging me!  All of you, go check […]

‘How I Choose My Books’ Tag

This tag looks like lots of fun!  I like the idea of talking about why I decided to pick up a book I love.  A huge thank you to Stephanie at Novel Fiction for tagging me!  I love being tagged.  🙂 Everyone, please hop over and check out her amazing blog. I’m going to do […]