2017 Best of the Best | Part 2

Each passing year flies by faster and faster.  Everyone used to warn me that as I got older, the time would start moving faster too.  They were right, and it sucks!  I’m haunted by how fast my daughter is growing up, especially because it reminds me just how old I’m getting.  On the bright side, that means it’s time to list out all my favorite books for the second half of 2017!  If you enjoy this list, and want to see what I chose for the first half, you can find that here.

Birdie’s ten best books read between July-December 2018

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10 – The Start of Me and You
by Emery Lord

Start of Me and YouThis is a more recent read, but it’s definitely worthy of this list.  Maybe I only gave it four stars, but the girl friendship in The Start of Me and You makes this story one of the best of the best.  Paige, Morgan, Tessa and Kayleigh have a friendship that teenagers should strive to find.  It was all about supporting each other, and having each others back.
(My Review)

9 – Autoboyography
by Christina Lauren

AutoboyographyAutoboyography has a really adorable romance, which definitely kept me hooked.  However, the reason Autoboyography made my best of the best list is because the story is about two men who fall in love, but one of them is devout Mormon.  Not only was the story believable, but the authors are clearly knowledgeable.  Everything felt legitimate.
(My Review)

8 – Into this River I Drown
by TJ Klune

Into this RiverThere was no way I was going to pick books for this list and leave TJ Klune out.  Into this River I Drown isn’t my favorite TJ Klune book, but it is up there.  TJ once said that he regrets putting a sex scene in this story, and I agree with that.  It did feel out of place.  BUT, everything else was firmly in place.  Into this River I Drown made me bawl my eyes out!
(My Review)

7 – Skin After Skin
by Jordan Castillo Price

Skin after SkinSkin After Skin wasn’t my favorite PsyCop book, even though I have always adored Crash and wanted a book from his perspective.  I love being in Vic’s head so much that I missed him.  However, what I did love was getting to see all the PsyCop events (from the first book) through Crash’s eyes.  I also liked knowing just how strong an empath Crash is.
(My Review)

6 – Wildfire
by Ilona Andrews

WildfireObviously Mad Rogan will always be listed in my best of the best.  He’s Mad Rogan.  And, this is a spectacular series anyway.  I don’t see any new installments listed for the Hidden Legacy series, but I’m holding out hope that it’s just a closely guarded secret!  There’s too many threads left hanging!  This can’t possibly be the end!
(My Review)

5 – Beard Science
by Penny Reid

Beard ScienceThis was a tough call for me.  I couldn’t decide between Beard Science or Beard in Mind.  Both installments were equally good, but I don’t want to take up two slots with the same series.  In the end I chose Beard Science to represent those Winston boys simply because I adore Cletus Winston!  He was the reason I started reading this series in the first place.
(My Review)

4 – Silence is Golden
by Robert Thier

Silence is GoldenStorm and Silence is probably one of my favorite romantic series.  There’s something in the banter between Lily and Ambrose that keeps me salivating for more.  Silence is Golden really upped the passion and has me hungry for the last book.  Guarantee that book four will be on next years Best of the Best list too!
(My Review)

3 – Our Dark Duet
by Victoria Schwab

Dark DuetVE Schwab is such a fantastic writer!  Her capacity for world building is astounding!  While I don’t want to visit Verity or Prosperity, I’m awed by how unique and grand her imagination is.  Plus, her use of music as both a soother and as a weapon was so beautiful.  I’ve never read anything like Monsters in Verity before.  Excellent duology.
(My Review)

2 – Godsgrave
by Jay Kristoff

GodsgraveAdult fantasy novels scare me.  They’re so detailed and elaborate that they usually take me forever to read.  It’s such a commitment, and right now I have a hard time giving that much time.  It’s for that reason I put off Nevernight and Godsgrave.  I’m glad I finally read it, because it’s one of the best epic fantasy books I’ve ever read!  Mia is fierce!
(My Review)

1 – Lonely Hearts
by Heidi Cullinan


Lonely HeartsI can’t put my finger on exactly why I loved Lonely Hearts as much as I did.  I think mostly it was because Baz meant so much to me.  It was in how patient and kind he was with Elijah in comparison to how he’d previously been with other guys.  Baz was just… special.
(My Review)

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It’s the end of the year!  How was your 2017?
What were your top reads of 2017?
Do you agree with any of my choices?
How nosy is Birdie??


About Birdie

Don’t look for her in any bar, club, crazy raging party, or anywhere there may be a large gathering of strangers. She’s more likely to be found tucked into the corner of the couch watching one of her favorite shows, or preferably under a comforter with her current novel.

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  1. I wouldn’t say Birdie is nosy, but she’s pretty darn beaky! 😉

    I am right there with you with Wildfire,though White Hot beat it out as my favorite of the trilogy. I’m glad you were able to find so many reads to enjoy this year!


  2. Emma's Library

    From your list, the only book I’ve read is Our Dark Duet and it came out as one of my top books for 2017 as well. The entire story was brought up a notch and it was more than I could have ever imagined.


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