2017 Best of the Best | Part 1

I can’t believe it’s already July!  It’s like the older my daughter gets, the faster the years go by!  She’ll be in 8th grade!  She has a BOYFRIEND!!  I need time to slow down.  Seriously.

Anyway, because it’s July I get to write up the best 10 books I’ve read so far.  I think I came up with a pretty spectacular list.  What do you think?

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10 – Darkest Hour Before Dawn
by Charlie Cochet

Darkest Hour before DawnUsually what draws me into the THIRDS world is the relationship between Dex and Sloane, so I was really happy when I loved Darkest Hour Before Dawn as much as I did.  It was the story of Seb and Wolf, and their love was a long time coming.  It was a second chance love story of the very best kind.  They were adorable.
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9 – The Queen and the Homo Jock King
by TJ Klune

queen-homo-jock-kingThe Queen and the Homo Jock King was so much more fun than I expected, and my expectations were high.  Not only were Darren and Sandy a riot together, but we also got more Paul and Vince and even better, we got more of Paul’s amazing family!  I’m so in love with each and every one of them, and I can’t wait to revisit this group!
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8 – Letters to the Lost
by Brigid Kemmerer

Letters to the LostI’ve read everything there is to read by Brigid Kemmerer, and they were all good.  Letters to the Lost was the very best one.  I loved this entire story and all the characters.  I think that the ending could have been more complete, but I’m hoping that we’re going to get more from everyone in the next book.  It’s about Rev!  I’m so eager for that!
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7 – Olive Juice
by TJ Klune

Olive JuiceThis was a major departure from TJ Klune’s usual novels.  It was a beautiful story about a real world tragedy.  Anyone who reads Olive Juice should do so without knowing much about the plot.  That was how I read it, and I thought it was so heart breaking, but somehow hopeful.  I swear, there is nothing that this author can’t write.
(My Review)

6 – Shelter the Sea
by Heidi Cullinan

Shelter the SeaCarry the Ocean was one of my favorites last year.  I’m so happy that it’s sequel, Shelter the Sea, is on my list today.  Emmet and Jeremey are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever read.  Their fight for The Roosevelt is one of the most inspiring.  Heidi Cullinan is the queen of writing socially conscious romances, inspiring the reader instead of lecturing.
(My Review)

5 – A Destiny of Dragons
by TJ Klune

Destiny of DragonsThere’s nothing better than fearing you’re going to dislike a book, and then being shocked when you absolutely adore it.  I adored A Destiny of Dragons.  It had everything I loved about the first one, and it had everything I’d missed.  Plus, it had no angst or unnecessary relationship drama.  Spectacular, Mr. Klune!
(My Review)

4 – Good Boy
by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

good-boyWith the exception of Him and Us, I’m a fair weather fan of Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen.  They’re not my usual style.  So, when the news hit that they were collaborating on a story for Blake Riley (a character from Us) I was skeptical and worried.  I shouldn’t have been.  Blake is always lovable, and I fell in love with him along with the heroine.
(My Review)

3 – A Conjuring of Light
by V.E. Schwab

Conjuring of LightI’m always so glad when I give into the hype and I’m as much of a fan as everyone else.  V.E. Schwab is an exceptional writer and world builder.  I want to say that Kell and Lila are brilliant characters, but everyone in the Shades of Magic series is brilliant.  I wish these were longer, because I’m not ready to say goodbye to this world!
(My Review)

2 – White Hot
by Ilona Andrews

White HotI’ve been a long time fan of Kate Daniels, and I’ve dabbled in other books by these authors.  They’re always good, but I wasn’t gripped the way I was by Kate and Curran.  Until I read Burn for Me.  I think I love this world more than that one.  I think I love Nevada and Rogan at least as much as I love Kate and Curran, and I think eventually I’ll like them more!
(My Review)

1 – The King’s Men
by Nora Sakavic


The King's MenI constantly talk about how wacky this book is.  It’s true!  Not only is this my favorite read so far, it was also the one I was most conflicted about.  In spite of myself, I adored this trilogy.  The characters made the whole thing.  My favorite two are my phone screensaver!
(My Review)


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Did anyone else post their early favorites for 2017?
Were any of my selections on your list?
If not, what the heck am I missing?!

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19 Responses

  1. It looks like you’ve read some pretty awesome books so far! Although every time I see the cover of ‘White Hot’ I do have a little giggle 😛 It’s so bad!


  2. Oh, wow. I didn’t realize you liked Blake and Good Boy so much! LOL

    I haven’t put together my list yet. Hopefully it’ll go live next week.

    Great list! Here’s to a good second half of the reading year!


  3. A boyfriend already? Wow, I’m so glad my son is still in the ‘Girls are gross’ stage. Hmmm, let’s see. A Conjuring of Light definitely made my list of favorites for the first half of the year. Letters to the Lost is one I really want to read so I’m happy to see that on your list.


  4. Emma's Library

    Oh, I want to read Letters to the Lost. It has been on my radar for a while now and I need to look at purchasing a copy. I also need to get around to reading A Conjuring of Light. I don’t know why I haven’t picked it up yet because I love VE Schwab’s writing and knack for storytelling.


      1. Emma's Library

        Ha. I wouldn’t know about that. I did initially start reading A Conjuring of Light a few months ago but put it down because I couldn’t read that type of book at the time. However I have just this minute added the book to the pile sat on my bedside table so I will probably pick it up once I’ve finished with Rebel of the Sands.


  5. […] Birdie Bookworm totally comes to mind when I think of something for everyone! Reviews, blog tours, tags, WWW Wednesday and so much more. The blog is well designed and easy to navigate (which is a HUGE plus in my eyes!) And the Birdie Bookworm blog celebrated their first year anniversary just a couple of days ago! […]


  6. […] Each passing year flies by faster and faster.  Everyone used to warn me that as I got older, the time would start moving faster too.  They were right, and it sucks!  I’m haunted by how fast my daughter is growing up, especially because it reminds me just how old I’m getting.  On the bright side, that means it’s time to list out all my favorite books for the second half of 2017!  If you enjoy this list, and want to see what I chose for the first half, you can find that here. […]


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