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Heroine Worship

About the Book: Once upon a time, Aveda Jupiter (aka Annie Chang) was demon-infested San Francisco’s most beloved superheroine, a beacon of hope and strength and really awesome outfits. But all that changed the day she agreed to share the spotlight with her best friend and former assistant Evie Tanaka—who’s now a badass, fire-wielding superheroine in her own right. They were supposed to be a dynamic duo, but more and more, Aveda finds herself shoved into the sidekick role. Where, it must be said, she is not at all comfortable.

It doesn’t help that Aveda’s finally being forced to deal with fallout from her diva behavior—and the fact that she’s been a less than stellar friend to Evie. Or that Scott Cameron—the man Aveda’s loved for nearly a decade—is suddenly giving her the cold shoulder after what seemed to be some promising steps toward friendship. Or that the city has been demon-free for three months in the wake of Evie and Aveda’s apocalypse-preventing battle against the evil forces of the Otherworld, leaving Aveda without the one thing she craves most in life: a mission.

All of this is causing Aveda’s burning sense of heroic purpose—the thing that’s guided her all these years—to falter.

In short, Aveda Jupiter is having an identity crisis.

When Evie gets engaged and drafts Aveda as her maid-of-honor, Aveda finally sees a chance to reclaim her sense of self and sets out on a single-minded mission to make sure Evie has the most epic wedding ever. But when a mysterious, unseen supernatural evil rises up and starts attacking brides-to-be, Aveda must summon both her superheroine and best friend mojo to take down the enemy and make sure Evie’s wedding goes off without a hitch—or see both her city and her most important friendship destroyed forever.

Heroine Complex #2
Urban Fantasy
DAW | July 4, 2017
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Oh my goodness, Heroine Worship was so cute and original!  I guarantee nobody has read a superhero novel like this series.  In the first book we got attack cupcakes, and this one is full of surprises that were just as creative!  I feel like I’m an imaginative person, and I would never have thought of turning mundane every day things into possessed demons. I love it!

Not only do I think this series has a completely original plot, I also love that it’s not only about romance.  While the relationship between Annie and Scott was definitely important, Annie’s relationship with Evie was also prominent.  As was the relationship and friendship among all of the superhero gang.  In particular, I’m interested in seeing how everything turns out with Evie and Bea.

Still, obviously it was the moments between Scott and Annie that really tugged my strings.  I felt the heat between them when I was reading Heroine Worship, and knew when they came together it would be passionate, and it was.  Each of their interactions had me grinning and smiling, and even giggling.  I giggled right along with Annie every time she giggled!  Scott was seriously dreamy, and I liked how he was playful more than he was serious, but he also knew when to turn that goofiness off.  I also loved how Scott and Annie’s connection went back to their childhood.  It created an interesting dynamic.

I liked Annie too.  It always surprises me when I like the heroine as much as I like the hero, but I was able to relate to Annie in ways that surprised me.  Outwardly, I’m definitely more like Evie, but I was able to understand Annie’s emotional turmoil.  She was a little bit over the top and it was easy to see why her loved ones became annoyed, but there was something sincere about Annie.  I felt for her, and I loved that she saw her flaws and was trying to recreate herself.

So, in Heroine Complex we got the story of Evie.  In Heroine Worship, we got to delve into Annie’s personality.  I wonder who’s next?  I’m eager for more about Bea, but I think I want Lucy to be next.  There’s still so much mystery about her, and I’m definitely intrigued.  (I’d also love more about Shruti.)

If you guys are looking for an Urban Fantasy with great characters and a plot like nothing you’ve read before, you really should check out this series!

(And I still think the physical books should have colored graphic novel type illustrations.)

Thank you to DAW for providing a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. This sounds seriously adorable! Scott and Annie look amazingly cute but I’m glad that’s not all the story focuses on, which would be a shame.
    It does seem incredibly original and a very interesting read! (You had me at cupcakes). I had never heard of Heroine Complex before so I’m definitely trying it out sometime ☺️
    Great review! ❤️


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