The Best of Friends

This weekend my family suffered a blow when my daughter Alex (Baby Chick) went into our bird room and discovered that her bird, Nemo, had passed away in the night.  I know that not everyone can understand the bond that a person can have with a bird, but it’s real and just as tangible as a bond […]

Blogging in 2017

2017 started off with a pretty significant change in my life.  After three years, I decided to part ways with Badass Book Reviews and commit to blogging solo.  What does that mean for Birdie’s readers?  Nothing.  I’m pretty sure my post amount will stay the same.   I just won’t also have to try and do […]

Literary Fingerprints

Are you guys ready for another one of my reading ramblings?  I hope so, because I’ve gotta get it all out and you are my wonderful audience.  Here goes… About a week ago I was reading a Rhys Ford book, and it got me thinking about how her writing style is so recognizable.  There’s a […]

The Biblio Buddy System

Do you love Buddy Reads?  Do you hate them?  Have you not taken part in one? I’m pretty sure, for all the obvious reasons, I love them. If this were a Pro/Con list there would be one big tally mark in the pro column, simply because who wouldn’t choose to have someone right there to […]

Monthly Media Mashup!

Welcome to my Media Mashup post, where basically I get to word vomit my random thoughts about the television shows I watch all over my unsuspecting readers!  You’ll get to hear all about the hodgepodge group of shows I watch, what I love about them and what drives me nuts.  I can’t guarantee it’ll always […]

Guilty Pleasure or Private Information?

There’s been a lot of Guilty Pleasure conversations recently.  On my morning radio show the topic was “Guilty Pleasure” artists, or specific songs.  I remember listening and laughing, but feeling like I really don’t have any.  I don’t care who’s standing in front of me.  I’ll just say what I like, because my music tastes make me who […]