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Welcome to my Media Mashup post, where basically I get to word vomit my random thoughts about the television shows I watch all over my unsuspecting readers!  You’ll get to hear all about the hodgepodge group of shows I watch, what I love about them and what drives me nuts.  I can’t guarantee it’ll always make sense, but hopefully it will always be entertaining.

This post may also include bits and pieces about movies, and occasionally a musical gushfest.

tree-divider-dark-grey-hiI know I watch a LOT of television.  I always have.  I’m not going to bother listing out everything that I watch, because I never compile a full list.  I always think of things after the fact, and then I have to come back and add to the list because it would drive me nuts to leave it incomplete.  Just take what I’m saying at face value.  I watch a LOT of television.

Recently though, now that Hulu no longer offers CW shows, I’ve realized that a large number of shows I watch are all on CW.  I watch all the DC shows, including Supergirl which recently made the jump over to CW from NBC.  That’s already four.  I also love iZombie, The 100, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, I started Frequency, and I’m seriously in loooove with No Tomorrow!  That’s 10 shows on CW alone.  That was eye opening.  I’m 37, is that sad?  Should I be watching more CNN and less CW?

No Tomorrow.jpg

Anyway, back to No Tomorrow.  My daughter and I started this together on a whim.  The premise sounded a little weird.  Man thinks the world is ending in 8 months and he somehow convinces people to start living life as though it’s ending?  I mean, we should all live like we’re dying but if some guy tried to convince me the world was ending in 8 months, and he’s doing the same crazy stuff Xavier is doing, I’d run for the hills?  Still, I gave the rom-com a shot.  (All because the guy is super hot.  I’m not gonna lie, I love beards.)  True story, it’s now my second favorite show of those currently on air.  Xavier and Evie have the cutest chemistry, and each episode ends with a huge cheesy grin on my face.  If you haven’t watched it, you should try it.  Corny plot included.

My first favorite new show, one that I watch with the hubby (surprisingly we don’t actually watch a lot of television together) is This is Us.  I’d LOVE to have more people to talk with about this show, so if you’re out there please comment!  I love everything about This is Us.  The acting is amazing, the topics are relevant, and the story is both dramatic and really funny.  I can’t decide which story arch is my favorite, because it changes, but right now I think Randall is the stand out.  He pulls off being both completely in control, yet also very naive and boyish at the same time.  The best part is that the show sparingly, slowly, gives you the history of these six people.  Each episode unfolds something new, and it’s heartfelt and beautiful, and GAH I’m so in love…

This is Us.jpg

As far as what’s going on in the rest of my televised world.  Here’s a rundown, Oliver and Felicity need to get over themselves, and this rift between them needs to mend.  We’re on season 5 and I’d like more than half a season of the lovey times.  The whole thing is really making me yawn.  I watch Flash and Legends of Tomorrow hoping for a glimpse of Snart.  I think that tiny kiss we got between Sarah and Snart last season was cruel, so I’m hoping for anything more.  I’m ready for that special major DC crossover episode to happen before I lose interest in the shows.  Vampire Diaries has been a long time favorite, and I had really high hopes for this final season.  So far, what a let down!  I hate this siren story line!  I just want Damon to snap the eff out of it!  He’s supposed to be better than this, damn it!  Bonnie needs her fricking powers back, and it’s the last season so where the hell is Elena!  Over it.  When it comes to Walking Dead I haven’t recovered from the trauma of episode 1.  That was the worst death scene ever, and that’s saying something since I was an avid Sons of Anarchy fan. Continuing to watch Walking Dead has started to feel like a chore, since everything is extra depressing now. Frequency is holding my attention, but barely.  And we’re hitting the live rounds of The Voice which is where I usually lose interest.

And finally, in closing, I lay awake at night and yearn for November 25th to arrive.  Waiting for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is like waiting for Santa on Christmas night.  Seriously, it just can’t get here fast enough.

All the trailers and posters only make the wait worse.



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25 Responses

  1. Yes! I am also eagerly awaiting the Gilmore Girls extravaganza. Luckily I already had that day scheduled off from work.

    I don’t watch any of the other shows you watch, but used to watch The Vampire Diaries. Do you have Google Chrome? I believe the most recent episodes of shows are free on the CW app, or even if you don’t mind watching on your computer. OR you can connect your computer to your tv.


      1. Yay! I will be doing a solo GG day, unless I am babysitting that day. Then I might be doing a GG evening. I am planning on chips and homemade clam dip. And leftovers. No cooking until I have consumed the GG! LOL

        Oh, good. I’m glad you’re not missing your shows!:)


  2. I love This is Us as well. Ever since I heard Milo Ventimiglia was going to be in it I was like yes please, since (tying into Gilmore Girls here) he played Jess and Jess is my favourite boyfriend #sorrynotsorry #TeamJess. But I agree This Is Us is hitting the mark perfectly! And I love Randall too, omg his song at his daughter’s parents day I laughed until I cried, he is just so goofy and I love him.
    I am also excited about Gilmore Girls, I feel like we’ve known about it coming back for ages now & the process of it getting to us is taking its sweet time, but non the less I can’t wait. To know everyone (pretty much everyone) is coming back ugh the feels.


      1. Yay someone else who is Team Jess! ๐Ÿ˜€ Haha, that’s a good reason!
        Haha, I feel anything Randall does is quite hilarious, he’s such a good guy with a huge heart. I also really like Kate and Toby they are incredibly cute! And as much as Kevin is funny, he’s also very whiny and that bothers me about his character. I really hope that’s something his character develops out of, so we’ll see!


      2. He definitely has a lot of depth to him as a character and I really want the show to explore all of it. I would love to get some backstory as to how he became the forgotten child, because in the flashbacks we’ve seen already you can clearly see they haven’t dived into him as a character yet. We’ve established Kate & Randall but not Kevin. I hope it comes soon.
        To be honest I think Toby is a trooper and will stick by her because that’s the kind of guy he is & I hope that he can turn Kate into a better version of herself! (and I don’t mean that looks wise)


      3. I think they all have deep issues, Kevin’s are just brought to the surface just yet.
        I’m going to keep on loving Toby until he does something I don’t like. I don’t feel suspicious of him, although I can see why you would feel that way because he tries to act perfect, but you can tell he’s far from it.
        I’m excited for a new episode this week!


  3. tcriggs

    Wow. You are a trooper. I can’t seem to fit in more than 3 or 4 a week. But, winter is coming, lots of indoor time. And Netflix is getting the stuff from last season in that I missed.

    Same here on WD… I am traumatized.

    We watch Flash too, but fell away from Legends of Tomorrow…. loved iZombie, but will have to catch up on Netflix. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Still watch Z Nation (love it!). Candle Cove is WEIRD, but somehow, I still watch it. Timeless is cute. Aftermath… interesting. If it weren’t for DVR though, the last 2 or 3 would probably be a miss…

    I am waiting impatiently for Dark Matter and The Expanse to come back. (No jinx! Fingers crossed!)


  4. Oh, yay, someone else watching No Tomorrow! I think it’s just so adorable (and it doesn’t hurt that Xavier is so yummy). And BTW, I’m older than you are, and I love CW shows. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just binge-watched seasons 1 & 2 of iZombie and can’t wait for season 3!


      1. Omg, the Rob Thomas bit was amazing — I couldn’t stop giggling. Yes… Drake and Lowell — poor Liv does not have good luck with her zombie boyfriends. I just read that season 3 isn’t going to start until April, and I don’t want to wait!


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