Battle of the YA Queens | Chapter vs Chapter

My best buddy Angie came up with a brilliant blog post idea. Obviously, since she is brilliant! The two of us have played around with the idea of a Chapter Tag, where you pick a select number of books, read the first chapter and each of us decide which one sounds better. The whole idea […]

Top 5 Tuesday | 5 Books I’d KILL For

This wasn’t easy to put together. When you’re barely reading for a year, you lose your connection with the book releases. The nice thing is, it made me start looking forward again. Here are the five books I’m now so super excited for! Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm! The […]

Top 5 Tuesday | Series I won’t finish!

I’m not sure if Shanah knows how enlightening these Top 5 Tuesday posts are!  It seems like every week I’m discovering something new about myself, that I didn’t realize. I know that I’m a character driven reader.  I can read a book with zero plot, as long as the characters and their development is phenomenal.  […]