Top 5 Tuesday | Birdie's Bookish Habits

Happy Top 5 Tuesday! I feel like I’ve talked about my bookish habits, so I’ve tried to come up with habits I’ve never talked about before. Now, your job is to not leave me out on the limb by myself. I know I’m not alone here. How many of these habits speak to other readers? […]

Top 5 Tuesday | Better than Expected

Happy Top 5 Tuesday! This week’s topic was a breeze, since I picked all these books last week when I was searching for books that didn’t meet my expectations. Turns out, books that exceed my expectations are plentiful. Here are my selections for this week’s list. Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic […]

Top 5 Tuesday | You're Not What I Expected

This doesn’t happen very often. I’m pretty good at expecting. I’m not bragging. I think all of us have read enough we can generally judge a book accurately. I mean, trying to find books for this category caused me to find all books for next weeks T5T. That one was easy. I finally figured it […]

Top 5 Tuesday | The Gift of Books!

The best Christmas ever! Top 5 Tuesday! I realized we did this topic last year, and my reality is I didn’t get any of those books.  Which means, they would still be on my list this year.  I’d be redoing the same post. Instead, let’s talk about books I wish were coming out on Christmas […]

Top 5 Tuesday | Books I Want for Christmas!

I have this thing about other people surprising me with books.  I kind of feel like a readers tastes are as unique as our fingerprints.  No two readers will ever love all of the same books.  Most of the time I don’t end up reading the gift, because it doesn’t interest me, and then I […]