Top Ten Tuesday | Books that make me HUNGRY!!

You’d think this would be an easy topic. It wasn’t. Not a lot of books out there highlight cooking.

Sure, finding a book with food in it wouldn’t be in it, but to truly make me hungry there has to be a focus on food.

These books made me crave.


Hudson Valley
Alice Clayton

This entire series was about food. In the first book, she moves home to work at her mother’s diner and meets a self-sustaining farmer. In the second book, she renovates a hotel and falls for the owner. In the third book, a badass city woman falls in love with a cheese-maker.
Food, food, and more damn yummy food.


Beard Science
Penny Reid

Jennifer was a world famous baker of pies and cakes. Cletus makes a mean sausage. The whole series was written for a foodie, but particularly this book. I want every single one of the Banana Cake Queen’s desserts.


Tweet Cute
Emma Lord

Tweet Cute was all about the battle of two small family owned restaurant, turned famous twitter war. Everything both restaurants made sounded wonderful, but it was really the heroine’s baking blog that really sold it. Yum.


The Remaking of Corbin Wales
Roan Parrish

The hero of this book owned a bakery. That wasn’t just his job, it was almost it’s own character. The baking of bread was used in the story to build intimacy and connections, and it worked a little too well. I love homemade bread, and this story made me want it.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
Jenny Han

I think there will be a lot of people with this series on their list. Lara Jean spent a good majority of the story stress baking. Her kitchen saw all kinds of cupcakes, bread, cookies and brownies. I’m off gluten now, so daydreaming of this goodness has become a hobby.

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