Playing Catch-Up | The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

For readers who spend a lot of time online there are books, or series, that you may feel like everyone has read but you.  For me, the one that seemed to come up over and over again is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, and not only had everyone read it but everyone loved it too!

It all started when I picked up Hounded by Kevin Hearne.  I loved it.StormFront  (Particularly Oberon.  If you haven’t read The Iron Druid Chronicles, the first 4-5ish are really good!)  The thing is, as we were all talking online about how good Iron Druid I kept hearing about The Dresden Files, and what I was hearing was that Iron Druid was good but that Dresden was better.  My interest was piqued, but if I’m going to be honest, even hearing how beloved this series was, nothing about the cover art reached out and grabbed me.  Nothing about them said “read me”.  (I may be slightly cover shallow, I can’t help it.)  On top of that, there didn’t seem to be any kind of romance and, as much as I like to pretend I’m enlightened, the truth is that I like books to have a love story in there somewhere.  It can progress slowly, take books and books to develop, but Dresden Files has very little romance, if any at all.  -I’m sure that’s a major draw for some people, just not for this person.

After months of hearing about The Dresden Files, feeling sick of being out of the loop, I finally broke down and began the first book.  To date I have read through book 9, White Night.

Death MasksFor anyone who happens to stumble across my fledgling little blog, please don’t hate me, but I don’t understand the pedestal this series is on.  I’m not saying I hate Dresden Files, or that the writing/characters suck.  Actually, the story is pretty entertaining.  Harry Dresden is funny and badass, when he’s not trying to convince us he’s a wuss.  I love Thomas, probably the most.  Mister and Mouse?  Second only to Atticus’ Oberon.  And I think Murphy makes for a pretty kickass female friend.  I also suppose that, overall, it is actually better than Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles, since those went downhill pretty quickly whereas Dresden Files has maintained a pretty steady level of quality.  Dresden Files has all the markers of being a really spectacular series.  Unfortunately, for this reader, there’s some magic missing.  All I can say for sure is that they don’t keep me reading past my bedtime.  While I don’t dread picking up each installment, I also don’t crave them like I’ve craved other books.  I feel a bit self conscious about it, like there must be something wrong with me.  Am I not a good enough reader for this supposedly spectacular series?

Maybe I’m just not its type.  Maybe I’m too high maintenance for Dresden and crew?  I Proven GUiltywant excitement, magic, awesome hero, hilarious sidekicks, witty one liners, AND an epic love story.  Perhaps the lack of just one of those aspects is enough to make Dresden Files turn it’s back on me forever.  Or maybe the best is still yet to come?

I’ve not giving up on myself, and I know I won’t.  Like I said, the series is plenty good, and I’m invested for the long haul for reasons other than how I just don’t want to be left behind.

You don’t give up on me, Harry, and I won’t give up on you.


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  1. Try to read through to Changes, I’d love to see what you think of it after that! I adore this series but I understand your feelings. I have a really hard time getting into books without romance as at least a somewhat major plotpoint. I’m a romance girl, through and through. This is actually one of the only series I can think of which I read that is not heavy on Romance. But I love the world and characters so much that it doesn’t bother me. This series is more about friendship and sacrifice than romantic love, for sure. I’m sorry you didn’t get sucked in! I hate when it seems like everyone loves a series and then you read it and don’t get it. This just happened to me with the Dannika Dark 7 series. It seemed everyone has read and loved it but when I tried it I was just really let down. Didn’t see the appeal at all! Have you tried Patricia Brigg’s MErcy Thompson or Alpha & Omega series?


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