Baby Chick’s Pick | Tiger’s Saga by Colleen Houck


Baby Chick’s Pick – July 2016
Tiger’s Saga by Colleen Houck

Hey!  I’m Baby Chick!  I’m 12 and I love to read.  My favorite genre is romantic urban fantasy, but I read other genre’s too, sometimes.

For my first ever Baby Chick’s Pick I am going to tell you about the series that made me cry all night long, and then cry again as soon as I opened my eyes the next morning.  I stayed up until 2:30am finishing the last book of The Tiger’s Saga, Tiger’s Destiny, because I loved it so much.  What I loved was how the story all tied in together and was full of twists.  I loved the mythology involved in the story, and I really loved the brothers, Ren and Kishan.

Ren and Kishan are tiger shifters.  Kishan turns into a black tiger with golden eyes, and Ren turns into a white tiger with blue eyes.  Kishan was the troublemaker, ‘bad boy’, of the two and Ren was the romantic sweetheart.  (Ren was my favorite, but I loved Kishan too.)


There was one thing that upset me.  The the main character Kelsey drove me crazy at certain times!  In the beginning I thought she was nice, and I liked her character.  (She actually kind of reminded me of myself sometimes)  But, the longer the story went on, the more she made choices I didn’t agree with.  I hated when bad stuff happened to Ren and sometimes that was because of Kelsey.  Thankfully Kelsey always regretted it in the end and tried to fix everything and save him.  Just like how Ren always tried to sacrifice himself for Kelsey.

When I finally closed the last book I had hard time moving on and reading anything else.  I loved it so much.  Even right now, thinking about it and talking about it, I want to go read it again.

It is my favorite series of all time.
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