August 2016 Reads

5 Star Reads

Carry the OceanSix of CrowsHow to Be a Normal PersonWolfsongBear Otter Kid

4-4.5 Star Reads

Magic DreamsMade For SinMating of MichaelDisasterologyAll We Have LeftTell Me It's RealSimon Homo Sapiens AgendaWho We Are

2 Star Reads

Midnight RescuePirate Fathoms Deep


Camp Hell


What I learned from August’s reading selection?

I can tell you the first thing I learned, I learned where to go to get romance recommendations!  8 of the books I have listed up there were all, either directly or indirectly, recommendations by a friend of mine on Goodreads.  All of them were 4-5 star reads.  At this point, I’d say that there’s nothing lucky about it, she’s just a wealth of good books to choose from.  When I finish submersing myself in TJ Klune’s backlog of books, I’ll dive back into her online shelves for others.  I like having the good fortune of reading great book after great book.

I also discovered, as mentioned above, I’m pretty sure I’m now a rabid TJ Klune fanatic.  I mean, holy amazeballs the man can write a romance!  I just want to take a second to highlight How To Be A Normal Person and Wolfsong, both will get their own reviews in the next week(ish).  Bloody brilliant reads, both of them.  (So was Carry the Ocean, but that’s not Klune, so…)  July was all about Josh Lanyon, August (and likely part of September) will be all TJ Klune.

At the end of August I also feel pretty confident in saying that I’m just not an Elle Kennedy fan.  My love for Him and Us must truly be from her co-author Sarina Bowen, because I’ve now tried two Elle Kennedy books and really did not like either of them.  I strongly did not like them.

In closing, I didn’t quite hit 21 reads like I did last month.  That’s okay.  I’m more than happy with this selection of 16.


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