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Ten Television Shows I Never Get Sick Of

#1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy was the first shows I fell in love with that I started watching on my own.  I know so many people feel like Buffy is some silly teen show, but the reality is they are missing out on a show that has a surprising amount of depth.  Joss Whedon is my hero, and I’ve rewatched this series more than I can count.

#2. Dawson’s Creek
Dawson’s Creek is a slightly more embarrassing series.  I know that there’s a stigma around this show, one of pretentious teenagers who use unrealistic language.  However, I love every single season of Dawson’s Creek, and Joey & Pacey are my biggest ship ever.  I pray nightly for a reunion movie with the ghost of Lindley as the narrator.  Again, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it.

#3. Veronica Mars
  ♪ A Long time ago, we used to be friends ♪
I remember when VM started, and everyone who loved Buffy was raving about it.  I never started it.  I couldn’t bring myself, because I missed Buffy too much.  I didn’t try it until about 2 years ago.  It was amazing, and I’ve now watched it 4 times all the way through. Logan Echolls is my imaginary boyfriend.

#4. Friends
Come on!  What more can I say, other than it’s Friends!  Who doesn’t love this show?  Who hasn’t watched every episode a million times?  If I say, “Could I be WEARING anymore clothes?!” and you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are an alien.

#5. General Hospital
My mom watched General Hospital when I was a little girl.  My older sister watched General Hospital when I was a preteen.  I started watching it on my own in High School.  While it has been off and on, I have maintained keeping up with all the drama every year since.  Even though I’m on an off phase, I live in terror that my favorite Soap will go the way of One Life to Live and All My Children.  There must never be a world without General Hospital!

#6. The Challenge
I was originally a fan of Real World.  I watched the first season, and I watched off and on through season 16.  After that, I lost interest.  In its stead I gained interest in The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which today is just called ‘The Challenge’.  I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that on The Challenge I get to watch the Real World characters I care about (CT and Wes!).  Whatever it is, I’m addicted.  I never miss an episode, and I love to go back and watch clips from past seasons.

#7. Boy Meets World
Shawn and Corey, the bestest friends ever on television.  They are best friend goals.  Eric, Topanga, Jack, Angela and Rachel.  Mr. Feeney.  I grew up with Mr. Feeney just like the group did.  It’s another show that I’ve rewatched over and over, and I never get sick of their shenanigans.

#8. Drake & Josh
I loved this silly little show.  I’ve watched it multiple times, and even now I’ll put it on and giggle.  “Hug me, brotha!”  I follow Josh Peck on Instagram and I giggle with every Drake and Josh reference he makes.  I live for the day that they make another movie, with Megan of course.

#9. Bar Rescue
There’s no deep meaning for this one.  I have no idea why I’m drawn to Bar Rescue.  I actually don’t watch a lot of reality TV at all, but there’s something about this show that I love.  Taffer is a tough SOB, and he’s hilarious.

#10. Gilmore Girls
For the sake of honesty, I only finished this show 3 or so months ago.  BUT, it’s not a cheat because I loved it.  I would totally go back and rewatch all of them, and I might even do it before Seasons picks up in November.  (Literati forever!)

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  1. Yeeees for Friends. I’ve rewatched that show more times than I can count (probably 10+ times, no joke). Anyone who knows those classic Friends quotes like “how you doing” and “could I BE wearing any more clothes” are instantly my people. 😊


  2. BtVS and Veronica Mars are both on my shows of all time. I’ve re-watched many times. I can’t believe General Hospital is still on AND that you still keep up with it! I watched it (and OLTL and AMC) pretty religiously as a teen. Ahhh… Nostalgia:).


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