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Bookish Questions


The Raven Boys (Cycle) by Maggie Stiefvater


I really enjoyed the plot in this book (series), but what really stole my heart was the cast of characters.  I want to say that it was particularly the main 5, but I really loved everyone that lived at 300 Fox Way.


How To Be A Normal Person by TJ Klune

How to Be a Normal Person

I was really nervous to read this book.  I think of myself as an open minded person, accepting all different types of people.  I AM that person.  However, in the past, when I’d tried to read romance novels that contained an asexual character the story always fell flat to me.  I couldn’t tell if it was the authors I was reading, or if it was the content.  I really really wanted to like this book, since it was the first TJ Klune novel that I read.  I was ecstatic when I more than liked it, I loved it.  You have to love this book.  Gustavo wouldn’t have it any other way.


Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield


Um, seriously, this book destroyed me.  I was wrecked.  On the scale of books that have left me in a puddle of despair on the floor, this is right up there with Clan of the Cave Bear and Where the Red Fern Grows.  (Of course that means I had to rush right out and purchase a physical copy, because it was launched to the top of my favorite’s list.)


IT by Stephen King


I’m not a fan of the concept of ‘advanced’ writing.  I’m not even sure what that means?  I think all of the writers I love are ‘advanced’ writers.  However, my instinct was to grab something by Diana Gabaldon but since I’ve already discussed my love of Outlander I decided to choose my favorite Stephen King instead.


 Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat


I’m not shy about my love for this trilogy, but what I don’t usually mention is that I wasn’t going to read this.  I’d tried previously, and then thought it was going to be some kind of fantasy, BDSM, erotica so I tossed it aside.  My friend convinced me to give another shot.  And I am SO thankful she did!


 Anne of Green Gables


Maybe possibly this is my selection because I saw the movie first.  I cannot tell a lie.  Or maybe it’s because it’s one of my childhood favorites (movie).  Either way, I did read this book.  I really liked the book.  It still remains, to this day, my favorite book adaptation ever.  They couldn’t have found a better Anne than Megan Follows.  There will never be another Gilbert Blythe, after the death of Jonathon Crombie.


THIRDS by Charlie Cochet


There’s so many series that I love right now, but most of them haven’t gotten their sequels.  SO, I’m going to pick THIRDS, since I look forward to each installment, I love these characters, and THIRDS Thursday has become one of the best days of the week.  It’s all about Dexter J. Daley and Destructive Delta.


 Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows

I equally love the sequel Crooked Kingdom, and together they are poetry on my bookshelf.  The only downside is that, when shelved, you can’t see the stunning stained pages.  (Runner up would be Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning.)


Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta


Any chance I get, I’m going to push this book.  This book is seriously my everything.  I love it, you should read it and love it too.


John Green!


My reasoning is simple.  John Green rocks.  He rocks the books.  He rocks the social networks.  He rocks all around, upside down and inside out.  John Green and Joss Whedon are my heroes.


Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


There are way too many for this category.  There’s so much I want to read that others already have, and every time I see someone talk about them I get jealous.  Final answer, Lady Midnight.  I wasn’t a fan of Mortal Instruments, but I loved Infernal Devices.  I’m not sure where I’ll fall on her new series, especially since I feel like she needs to put this world to rest.  Yet, I can feel myself being drawn to it.

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  1. I love you answers. I am obviously not paying enough attention to your blog because this is the first I’ve heard of Captive Prince. I’m glad you mentioned your initial reservations because I had them too once I read the synopsis. Looks like synopses can be misleading. [reserved at library]


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