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Welcome to my Media Mashup post, where basically I get to word vomit my random thoughts about the television shows I watch all over my unsuspecting readers!  You’ll get to hear all about the hodgepodge group of shows I watch, what I love about them and what drives me nuts.  I can’t guarantee it’ll always make sense, but hopefully it will always be entertaining.

Please note that I’m not holding back, so if you do watch these shows you WILL bump into some spoilers!


jackI have to dive right in with This is Us.  The last three weeks have been killer. As angry as I was at Rebecca, as much as I was prepared to applaud Randall’s evisceration of her, when it happened I couldn’t help but feel so sad for her. The following episode was even worse.  In Randall’s hallucination, to watch Rebecca running around the cabin in a panic hit me, it crushed my heart.  It stabbed me in the Mom spot and I cried so hard.  I don’t think most people would argue in favor of the decision she made, yet I also think most people (who are honest with themselves) can see why she did.  It’s a tough situation.

On the flip side, watching Jack in the dojo with a young Randall was the most poignant and beautiful scene that I think we’ve gotten so far on this show.  Bringing a balance to all Rebecca’s faults, Jack as a father is awe inspiring.  He’s the parent that I strive to be, and I know I don’t measure up.  I adore him, and I know that my adoration is going to be turned against me in the most tragic way possible.  I hope I survive it.

Quickly, since it deserves mentioning, how about Kevin finally giving Olivia the what’s what.  I applauded!

Finally, my darling Toby!  My heart is cracked into a million pieces!  I swear, he better be okay.  That was a terrible moment to end scene on.  I have to live the next month or so with my heart in my throat.

Anyway, in addition to This is Us and No Tomorrow, I also realized that there’s another new show that I’m pretty addicted to,  Pitch.  I am loving Pitch.  It has Zach Morris (Mark Paul Gosselaar).  I had a crush on him on mike-lawsonSaved by the Bell, but when the show went off the air my crush went with it.  Color me shocked when that now, MPG as Mike Lawson on Pitch gives me all types of tummy flutters.  He’s broader, older, sexier… and he has a beard.  His character is also brooding and grumpy.  I don’t know why I have a thing for brooding and grumpy, but I do.

I’m not completely shallow though.  The sexiness of Mark Paul isn’t enough to keep me watching.  It’s actually the premise that brings me back each week, and I’m not even lying.  As a woman myself, the concept of the first woman to play in Major League Baseball is pretty inspiring.  I really love the way Jenny Baker interacts with her team members, and I love the way that the media outlets handles the sexism of a woman playing on a major sports team, and how the serious feminist journalists sometimes make it harder for Jenny to acclimate.

And I’m going to just say it: I love the friendship between Jenny and Mike, and yes there’s a ship there that I’m praying to the Relationship Gods for.  I can’t help it.

How about, I’ve recently gotten into Supernatural.  It’s actually my daughter’s doing.  She wanted to start watching, and now we’re halfway through season 4 and going strong.  It was difficult for me at first, since I’d only watched Jared Padalecki on Gilmore Girls and I struggled to think of him as a new character.  It was especially odd that there’s also a Dean on Supernatural.  Now, it’s no struggle.  It’s a joy.  Especially Dean.  Yeah, I like Dean.  Thank goodness for 12 seasons!

Gilmore Girls! Of course I’d segue from Supernatural to Gilmore Girls.  We all waited so long for A Year in the Life and it was worth it 99% of the time.  I got half of everything I wanted, which was the half that wanted Loralai and Luke to say I Do.  Everything about them was perfection.  Everything about that wedding suited that perfection.  Luke & Loralai 4Eva!

Unfortunately, I got only 25% of what I wanted with Rory, because she didn’t end up with who I wanted her to… yet.  I still think they’re endgame.  “You need someone who fits, Rory.”  He fits, damnit!  (How interesting that I managed to mention Milo Ventimiglia twice.)

The Television DC, 4 Part Crossover was epic.  To quote Felicity – Best team up EVER!


While Supergirl the television show didn’t have much to do with the overall arch, it was the perfect start to the series.  I only wished that Barry and Cisco had taken more than just Kara back to Central City with him.  I’m waiting for a Cisco/Wen showdown, because as much as I like Wen, Cisco would totally win.  Hands down.  (Holy shit, were Cisco and Felicity the flipping bomb together??!  Can we get more episodes with some of that!)  Anyway, I think that Warner Brothers television proved that their cast, and their writing team, can handle a movie length story arch.  I enjoyed this crossover more than the DC movies that are being produced.  Who’s with me?

Finally, Vampire Diaries is driving me insane.  I think I said this last month, but this is the final season.  What the hell is wrong with letting these people go out on the top?  I’m so sick of all the Damon stuff, and the consequence of that is that I just don’t even care.  I should have been angry that Alaric staked Damon.  And I was, I guess.  But I was angry because of the road we’ve gone down and not because of the actual action.  Here are two characters that are supposed to be best friends, and if you want to get technical, Damon didn’t kidnap the girls.  He even saved them.  We’re in the last few months of the show, and it’s just a god damn mess.  If things don’t start turning themselves around I may not watch through to the end.

Actually, I probably will.  I just won’t like it.

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7 Responses

  1. Ugh This Is Us is always so heartbreaking! That last scene with Toby I was so sad they can’t let him go! 😭 I agree with you with everything with Randall and his mom, I loved how the show really dived into both sides it was so well done!
    GILMORE GIRLS!!!!! I binge-watched that the weekend it came out & I want to watch it again. I have so many things to say about it that I am writing (in the process) a blog post allllll about it because there is just so much! My fingers can’t even type fast enough for me to just say this- imagine all my thoughts HA! I thought I’d have it up next wee, but I realized I have way to much to say that it’s going to take some time!


      1. Oh I know, I refuse as well. especially right when things were starting to get a little better in both their lives.
        I agree with you, I loved every (ok not every second) of the revival, but it really made me happy. Thanks, I probably won’t have it for a little while because I haven’t had time to sit down and really write!


  2. Oh my word. Gilmore Girls. That revival was one of my biggest disappointments of life. I couldn’t even enjoy the junk food I made to go with the event while I was watching it. I had to save it for a Christmas movie I watched that night. I’m still smarting over that. Gah.

    Glad you’re enjoying some new shows!


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