The Kiss, Marry, or Cliff Book Tag

I’ve never heard of the Kiss, Marry, Cliff game.  It’s always been Kiss, Marry, Kill… but potato potahto right, because that’s essentially what happens when you toss someone off a cliff.

So, thank you to Icebreaker694 for tagging me in this one.  It’s the most original tag I’ve done!

– Side note, my daughter loved this tag and had to do it herself like 50 times because she kept killing off characters she loved.


  • Put names of Characters (characters you’re attracted to) written in pieces of separate papers in an empty jar or a pen holder.
  • Shake the jar
  • Pull out 3 pieces of paper in each round and tell us which character you would Kiss, Marry, or Cliff!

I have a lot of book boyfriends!  This should be loads of fun.

Round 1

gilbert-blytheKISS – Gilbert Blythe!  I’m telling you, this is perfect!  I’d love to sneak Gilbert out to Lover’s Lane for some sweet kisses.  He was the first literary boy I fell in love with.

MARRY – Jamie Fraser!!  I’m a lucky girl, because after kissing all over Gilbert, I get to grow up and marry the light of my
life, Jamie Fraser.  I’m not sure Round 1 could have turned out better.

CLIFF – Zhadist… I have a feeling this throwing people off a cliff is going to be hard.  I love all of these characters.  At least with Z, he can teleport himself safely to the ground.  He’d likely survive the fall.

Round 2

KISS – Izzy Zanella.  Hm, I can tell you right now that this endekaz-brekker.jpgd
because he broke my  heart.  I definitely wanted something more lasting with Izzy Zanella.  I can still feel the hurt.

MARRY – Froi, which isn’t a bad second love.  He is probably my favorite Fantasy hero ever.  I’d be happy to spend my life with Froi.

CLIFF – Kaz, ugh.  Okay, but see, Nina was below him and she uses her Grisha power to catch him midair and lower him to the ground, thus allowing him to walk away from my betrayal.

Round 3

KISS – Terrible!  Yum, yes please!  I love so much about Terrible.  Everything really.  We only just kissed a couple times though.  Probably at the club.  Only to distract him when he and Chess were on a break.  I recognize that they belong together.

“Shit. You so fuckin pretty, Chessie. True thing. So … ain’t even can breathe sometimes.” – Terrible, Chasing Magic

MARRY – Han Alister.  Sorry Raisa, I’d happily take your place and become his bride.  We’d leave the Wizards to their battle and go live at Marisa Pines Camp.

CLIFF – Michael Flynn, omg!  I can’t save this one.  He’s just human.  There’s no teleportation, or Grisha abilities.  He’s just dead and now I’m devastated.  I’m going to forget this last round even happened.


Kiss, Marry, Cliff was a light easy tag.  I tag everyone who reads this, give it a shot just because it was so laid back.  Don’t try to sneak away, you’ve been marked!

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