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December’s insights!

Um, how about the glaringly obvious one?  The fact that I barely read anything in the month of December.  I really think this is due to having a child, and all that shopping, and all that planning for Christmas and everything that goes into the holidays.  I honestly cannot be the only one who had a dud of a month, am I?

Also, for the sake of honesty, I’m not exactly done with Six Degrees of Lust, or Tigers Curse.  I just intend to make sure I’m done before December ends.  Two books for the whole month is not happening.

What I’ve got my eye on for January?


My scheduled reviews have gone up.  Originally my plan was to only schedule one ARC a week, to leave room for books I read just because I want to.  The problem is that I overlooked how many amazing books there are that I can’t resist.  So, for January I have 8 books that I’m planning to review already.  Basically, I need to pick up the pace.


Unfortunately that doesn’t leave me a lot of room for random selections.  I’m sure I’ll squeeze some in, but for now the only one that I’m going to try to get in is The Queen and the Homo Jock King.  I need another TJ Klune in my life.

Let’s go January!


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23 Responses

  1. You’re not alone with reading so little in December. I’m not sure how many I’ve read, but these last fews days I’ve been stuck on the same book and all I want to do is move on, not because I don’t like the book, but because I don’t like spending more time on a book than I need to. I must sound like a loon when I say that 😛 I just know how long books will take me based on page numbers, so when it takes longer it starts to feel like the book is dragging.


  2. Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads

    I didn’t necessarily have a bad month since I’ve finished 5 books at this point, but I didn’t get nearly as much reading done as I had hoped. I thought once my semester ended on the 16th I’d be able to get a ton of reading done, but I got caught up with the business of the holidays 😛 I hope you’re able to finish a few more books before the end of the month!


      1. Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads

        Yes they do! As much as I love Christmas, I am NOT loving how little reading I’ve gotten done over the past week or so.


  3. I feel like I didn’t read a lot in December, either. But…Christmas. And I was sick for a week and a half. All things considered, it’s amazing any of us fit reading time in with the busyness of the holidays.

    I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on the Kerrigan Byrne book.


      1. If I get to it before you do, I will let you know. I know you added the first book in the series to your TBR list when I recommended it. And according to Article One, Section Four of your 2017 Reading Goals post, you committed to taking more recommendations from family and friends. 😉


  4. I read a lot, but I didn’t blog a lot in December. All the shopping, baking, etc. for the holidays kept me offline more than I usually am, but I still read a lot (breaks, lunch hours at work, before bed, etc.). I think I only posted about 3 or 4 posts in December.

    I’m trying to do a bit better here in 2017. I’m off to a fairly decent start, 4 posts just in the first 2 weeks. I’ve got a review in process, two blog tour reviews to do and who knows what else is in store. Not a bad start for 2017.


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