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Baby Chick’s Pick – January 2017
Tiger’s Curse, Interview with Mom 

This month I finally got my mom to read my favorite book, and now I get to interview her.  I’m excited to read her answers to my questions.  I am also a little bit nervous too, because I’m not actually sure if she liked the book.

Let’s go ahead and see how she responds…

Baby Chick: What did you think about the main characters Ren, Kelsey and Kishan?

Birdie: Kishan wasn’t in the first book as much as I thought he would be, so I didn’t really form an opinion about him yet.  I liked Ren, but I can definitely see why you said he was similar to Raffe.  I even chuckled at all the archangel thoughts Kelsey had.  I also kept thinking about how you said he’s too self-sacrificing, and I agree with that too.  I like chivalrous guys as much as anyone, but it did get a little annoying.

Honey, I’m sorry.  I hated Kelsey.  She was awful.  The way she played with Ren’s emotions, kissing him and then pushing him away, it was awful.  She’s the exact type of female character that makes me want to pull my hair out in frustration.  She was definitely a problem for me, so if she only gets worse I don’t know what I’ll do.

Baby Chick: Who was your favorite character in Tiger’s Curse?

Birdie: Hmmmm, I think I’ll have to go with Kishan.  I know I said that I didn’t really form an opinion of him, and that is true.  At the same time I’m always more interested in the characters that aren’t “good”.  Kishan reminded me of Damon Salvatore, which was a check in his favor.  I like the anti-heroes, what can I say.

Baby Chick: What did you think of the plot and other realms that the characters visited? 

Birdie: I loved all the mythology.  It was really obvious that the author did a lot of research.  Or at least it felt that way, she could have been completely wrong but she made it sound believable.  So, I liked the realms because it was almost like those myths come to life.  Plus, the Kappa and prickly trees were pretty scary.  Or, how about the giant bugs that they could feel popping under the feet.  *gag*

Baby Chick: What improvements or changes would you make in the book? 

Birdie: Not to harp on it, but I would completely rewrite Kelsey’s bad attitude.  It was the only part of the book that almost ruined it for me.  I just really hate immature girls in books.

Baby Chick: In the end, did you enjoy reading the book?

Birdie: I did enjoy most of it.  I know it was your favorite, so I kept an open mind and there was a lot to enjoy.  I didn’t love it as much as you did, but I think that if Kelsey had been more grounded I would have enjoyed it more.

Baby Chick: Would you read more of Colleen Houck’s books?

Birdie: I may eventually pick up the next book in this series, especially because I like sharing books with you.  I’m not sure I’d dabble outside this series just yet.  I’d like to see if my feelings about this one grow

So that’s it folks, my mom’s thoughts on my favorite book.  I understand why she didn’t like Kelsey, and why Kishan was her favorite.  I’m glad she enjoyed my favorite book.  Next time I think I’m going to try to get her to read The One and Only Ivan.

See you next time guys.

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  1. This post makes me sooo happy! I would love to see more of these. 🙂 Great questions, Baby Chick! I find that discussion books in person really help me process information about the text I might have missed. I hope you both find these beneficial interactions.

    What is the next book you two are sharing?


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