February 2017

5 Star Reads

 queen-homo-jock-king etched-in-bone

4-4.5 Star Reads

Burning World unseen-attraction until-you more-happy-than-not

3-3.5 Star Reads


February’s insights!


February was a slower month, with only 7 books read.  It was also a busier month, with my birthday and my daughter’s at the start of March.  I did manage to fit in TJ Klune, which is always a good month.  AND I got to read an ARC of Etched in Bone, which is the conclusion to Anne Bishop’s The Others series.  It was hard saying goodbye to Meg, Simon, and the rest of the crew at the Lakeside Courtyard.

I think February was important though, because it paved the way for March.  There are so many books I’m looking forward to this month, like Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs.  I love catching up with Mercy Thompson and Adam Hauptman.  I have a feeling March is going to be a much better reading month for me.

What I’ve got my eye on for March?

 silence-fallen fair-chance the-inexplicable-logic-of-my-life dead-little-mean-girl strays

I’m actually really excited for my scheduled reviews this month.  There’s four authors up there that I’m already familiar with and know I enjoy.  The only one I don’t know, Dead Little Mean Girl, looks like a good read.  Plus, it’s only five on the schedule.  That means I get to pick a lot of random reads spontaneously, and I know which ones are already on my radar.

lies-of-locke-lamora turn-coat ill-give-you-the-sun

the-martian we-are-the-ants kids-of-apetite caraval

I already own all of these.  Six of them are listed on my Beat the Backlist list.  (I hate writing list list, it feels weird.)  So, I’ll probably be picking 2-3 of these to read in between.  I’m already leaning toward The Martian, Lies of Locke Lamora and Kids of Appetite.

Let’s go March!

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41 Responses

      1. it does sound like that 😦 I just don’t have the time to read all of them….. but wait! I just finished my favorite series by John Sandford and need new audiobooks to listen too. Maybe I should start from the beginning.:D You gave me a good idea – let’s hope my library has the audiobooks.:)


      2. that’s right since he is not the fastest writer, and he starts new series instead of concentrating on his ongoing one – very similar to Brandon Sanderson – Love his The Stormlight Archive series, that series is going to take 20years for him to finish. 20 YEARS!!! I’m old and grey by then. 😀


  1. Have you seen The Martian movie? It was soooo good! I bought the book because the first few lines cracked me up. I still need to read the book though. I’m excited to read it eventually when I’m in the mood for it. I hope you like it 😀


  2. Happy belated birthday 🙂 I have seen Etched in Bone around the blogosphere. Glad to know it’s a 5 star. I will add to my TBR. I hope you have a great reading month in March!


  3. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and happy birthday to your daughter. All these books are new to me although I have watched The Martian movie. Have a wonderful new month and happy reading.


  4. I have to laugh when someone says 7 books in a month is a slow month! LOL That seems like a solid month to me.

    I’m excited for Strays, too! Glad you got to fit in some Klune for February. 🙂


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