Lucky in Love – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

When I started thinking about St Patrick’s Day, my first thought was about how there are those couples that are lucky in their partners.  There are books out there with the well balanced pair, like Claire and Jamie, but it seems like there are quite a lot of books that are unbalanced and one couple is really lucky in love.

These are the lucky ones.


Breaking the RulesEden Zanella from Breaking the Rules by Suzanne Brockmann

Eden was really lucky in finding Izzy, honestly.  Not only do they have one of the most chaotic relationships, spanning 2 books of ups and downs, but Eden herself was wasn’t one of my favorite heroines.  I struggled with how she treated Izzy, which means she’s extra lucky he stuck around.  Izzy carried their love story.  Eden was definitely lucky in love.


Fatal ShadowsJake Riordan from Adrien English Series by Josh Lanyon

I don’t think ANYONE could argue that Jake wasn’t really really lucky.  The amount of hell he put Adrien through was through the roof, and I don’t think any of us would have blamed Adrien if he’d put Jake in his rearview and not looked back.  Jake should thank the Heavens every day that Adrien stuck with him through everything.  And I mean everything.  Jake wasn’t just lucky.  He was granted a miracle.


cream-of-the-cropOscar Mendoza from Cream of the Crop by Alice Clayton

We’re going to change it up with this one, because Oscar isn’t lucky because he did anything wrong.  He was great the whole time.  He’s lucky in his love only because Natalie was so amazeballs!  To this day she remains my most favorite heroine in any romance book ever.  That even includes Claire.  Whoever found love with Natalie was going to be the luckiest character ever.


good-boyJess Canning from Good Boy by Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen

Jess was another character that I’m not sure deserved the partner she got.  Blake was so open and trusting, kind.  He treated Jess like such a princess, the entire time.  There wasn’t a dickish bone in his body.  And yet, no matter how amazing he was she just brushed him off over and over.  Yes, she did come to her senses, I’m just wavering on whether or not it was too little too late for this reader.  I’m pretty sure I think she was the lucky one.


the-highwaymanDorian Blackwell from The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne

Dorian isn’t the undeserving character.  He’s the emotionally and physically damaged character that repeatedly pushes away the ones who love him because he’s ‘bad’.  He pushed and pushed Farrah and she fought to never give up on him.  She’s another heroine that I loved more than the hero, and it was that unflinching loyalty that makes Dorian so lucky to have her.


Who are some characters that you think are ‘Lucky in Love’?  If you were compiling your own list, who would be on it?

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      1. I liked it better than her Young Elites series. But it has a lot of Dark moments and Day and June had quite the relationship. If you like messed up couples, this is one you should try.


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