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Casting a beloved book, for a movie or just among the fans, is a problematic situation.  We’re all so involved with the characters as we see them in our own heads, and it can get a little dicey when someone points out why we’re wrong.

I’m not normally someone who reads a book and starts researching, or thinking, about an actor or model who looks like the character described in a book I’m reading.  I’m one of those people too caught up in my own head and personal images to be able to narrow it down like that.  I am fascinated by it though.  Sometimes a fan-casting is so spot on I’m shocked, and then sometimes a fan-casting is so ridiculous that I want to scream!  (Rob P for Jamie is blasphemous!)  Either way, I rarely resist the allure of clicking on a fan-casting blog post.  I’m way too curious.

Despite my lack of casting imagination, over the years there were some celebrities that struck me as the perfect person to embody a fictional character.

I figured I’d share my short list with you, in case you find it interesting too.

(It goes without saying, some of these actors are now too old.  It doesn’t change my imagination, though.)


Fan-Casting Faces

Everyone who’s read these these first two will probably get it.  Janet Evanovich said she pictured Sandra Bullock when writing Stephanie Plum, and I would never believe that Stephen King didn’t realize what he was doing when he wrote Roland Deschain.  I’m still including them, since they’re who I’ve always seen in my head.  (Though, I am thrilled with Idris Elba’s casting in the Gunslinger movie.)

Roland Deschain – Clint Eastwood

Gunslinger roland

Stephanie Plum – Sandra Bullock

stephanie One for the Money

I won’t say these next books are lesser known, because a few of these are really popular series/authors.  I’ll just say that, for the most part, I haven’t seen anyone comparing these celebrities to these characters.  (With the exception of Jason Momoa.)  Starting with the most popular, currently:

Kaz Brekker – Cillian Murphy

I have to include the fan-art picture, as it’s on the inside the Crooked Kingdom hardcover and just makes my case for me!

Six of Crows kaz kaz-brekker

Wrath – Jason Mamoa

I love this because he even has the eye color, even though his hair isn’t black here.  (Normally it’s pitch black, just like Wrath.)

Wrath Dark Lover

Brianna “The Breeze” – Bella Thorne

It was my husband that pointed this one out.  We were watching Shake it Up and he pointed and said, “She looks exactly like The Breeze”.  He’s right, she does feel perfect for the role, but it was also special because this series was the first time we’d ever come together about a book.

Gone Breeze

Paul Auster – Max Adler

First of all, Tell Me It’s Real has one of the most ‘true to the character’ covers I’ve ever seen.  That is exactly how Paul is described.  Now, look at Max Adler… They could seriously be twins!

Tell Me It's Real paul

Paul Hudson – Jamie Bower Campbell

There’s a line in HtKaRS that says, “He wasn’t what I would call handsome, at least not conventionally. His face, when he wasn’t smiling, had a pensive, ominous cast to it, but as soon as he grinned the severity melted into an airy radiance that made me want to touch his chest and feel his heartbeat.”  The moment I saw JBC I knew he was Paul Hudson personified.  If I can convince one person to read this book, I’ll consider myself a success.  🙂

hudson how-to-kill-a-rock-star


Have you read any of these?  Do you agree or disagree?

What are some of the celebrities you’ve imagined in your head as your favorite characters?  I’d love to hear all about it.  🙂

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17 Responses

  1. Oh, wow. I can’t picture Sandra Bullock as Stephanie Plum at all. No matter what JE says. LOL

    I don’t normally click on these posts, and I was nervous to click on this one, because I don’t want someone else’s ideas to sully mine. Bahaha! Luckily I haven’t read most of these books, so this didn’t happen for me. 😉


  2. Nice post! Fan-casting is always a fun thought experiment. Watching the casting for American Gods has been really interesting. It looks like they’ve done a fantastic job. I had had definite ideas back when I first read the book, but a lot of time has passed between then and now. A young Vin Diesel will probably still stay in my mind for Shadow when I reread, but I can’t wait to see how the real cast does with it.


  3. Oh wow, I actually really wish Sandra Bullock had been cast as Stephanie Plum. I adore that series but did not think Katherine Heigl was right for the role at all. Totally ruined the movie for me.


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