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I’m so excited to do this tag!  I’ve always loved the Greek Myths, and tried to soak up everything about them.  Even the pop culture stuff, like Xena and Hercules… I was addicted.

I was especially excited that Zuky tagged me in this, as it’s her original tag.  It’s so unique and interesting.  So thanks Zuky!  All of you should go follow her awesome blog.  🙂

Greek Gods tag


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outlanderNo matter how many other amazing books I read, Outlander will always be special to me.  I can’t even explain how this story made me feel the first time I read it.  I was only about 15 years old, and it wasn’t my first romance.  It was the first romance I’ve read that didn’t feel… like a romance novel.  It wasn’t a busty woman being taken hostage by a virile long shafted hero that looked like Fabio.

It had Claire, a strong and admirable woman, falling in love with the most well written man I’ve ever read.  It also had one of the most epic historical fiction adventures.  I honestly can’t express how beloved this book still is to me today.



Anytime anyone asks me about the character I thought wasquintana the most Badass, I will always respond with Quintana.  The horrors she faced ever day, the scars that covered her body, and yet she found a way to survive.  She found a way to protect her mind, even if it didn’t look like it in the beginning.  She was one of the most complicated and strongest women I’ve ever read.

The more I talk about Lumatere the more I want to to reread this trilogy!




Ready Player OneI could list more, but this was the first one to pop into my head.  I loved all the 80’s throwbacks, and the virtual reality war.  I loved the action and plot.  I loved it more than I thought.

I’m extra excited for the movie.  I think it’s going to be excellent.


AthenaHave a Nice DayOkay, so when I was younger I was so obsessed with wrestling.  It was a new obsession.  I never watched when I was growing up, but when my husband and I started dating he would occasionally watch, and then before I knew it I was a fan!  I never missed an episode.

I also read most of the wrestlers autobiographies, but most of them were just blah.

Not Mick Foley’s.  He didn’t write with a ghostwriter.  He did the whole thing by himself, in a spiral notebook.  And it’s GOOD, and intriguing.  Still the best autobiography I’ve ever read.



jellicoeI adore this book.  It’s almost as precious to me as Outlander, but it sits in a different spot in my heart.  I’ve read it about 5 times now, and each time I cry just as hard but I also feel the sweetest sense of love and companionship.

I swear, if you haven’t read it, please try.  Even if it is Young Adult.  Melina Marchetta is magical.




This book.  I hate it.  I’ve haven’t read any other book that made me this angry.  I just kept reading and reading, really believing that such a loved book would get better.  Then I read the last page and it actually got worse!

If I could go back in time I would never read this.  It scarred me.






WonderI’m not sure this is “groundbreaking” but I definitely thought it was amazing that R.J Palacio wrote this middle grade story and built the entire thing around being kind.  Being kinder than is necessary.  That is such a beautiful sentiment.

I thought it was so beautiful that I read the whole thing out loud to my daughter when she was about 7 years old.






blue-lily-lily-blueMaggie is an artist, and I think she does all her own covers.  They’re all beautiful, but none are as beautiful as The Raven Cycle series.  If I could, I would have these book covers painted as a mural on my walls.

Isn’t it stunning??




Honestly none.  Maybe this sounds nuts, but I don’t read books that make me fall asleep.  Reading is pretty much my only hobby, except for this blog, and I refuse to allow any book to halt my momentum.

When I try to read something that’s so boring, I end up not reading at all.

It’s not worth it.



kings-risingI was supposed to be reading this with a buddy, but once I started I wasn’t able to stop.  I sat and read the entire thing all in one day.

I think it was the mix of being just such an amazing story, AND the fact that it was the final book in the Captive Prince trilogy.

This is another series that I think everyone should read.




Lost: Purple Quill | Lost in a Story
Valerie’s Musings | Meghan’s Whimsical Explorations & Reviews

Thanks again to Zuky for tagging me, and if you guys don’t want to play with this one I understand.  If you do then I hope you tag me.  I’d love to read yours.  🙂

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17 Responses

  1. Ashley

    Great post idea, I love the Gods theme. I absolutely adore Outlander as well. How could you not fall completely in love with Jamie? 😛
    I just bought the first book in the Raven cycle. The covers are gorgeous, Maggie is ridiculously talented! I’m really excited to start the series. I’ve heard some great things.
    I’ve been wanting to read Ready Player One for a while now, I’ll definitely have to before the movie comes out.
    Also, when I was at school I had a friend who was constantly telling me to read Jellicoe Road but I never did. Probably another one I should add to the never ending list.


  2. Thank you so much for the tag! This one looks so fun. I totally agree with you about the beauty of the Raven Cycle covers- I find Blue Lily and The Raven King in particular so gorgeous! And yess about speeding through Kings Rising. I don’t know how anyone could possibly read that slowly.


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