Top Ten Tuesday | Books with Tastiness!

Top Ten Tuesday has been hard for the last few weeks!
I don’t read a lot of foodie books, so instead I’m making a list of books that make me think about food.  When eating dinner makes me think of something I read.
These are the top ten!


1, 2, & 3 – Winston Brothers
by Penny Reid

truth-or-beard Grin and Beard it Beard Science

These Winston Brothers are all about the food!  There’s all kinds of pie, and dinners, and side items.  There’s the Banana Cake Queen!  But there’s nothing that stands out as much as Cletus’s sausage.  Cletus’s sausage is the best sausage I’ve ever read about.
I’ll never think of sausage the same way again.

4, 5 & 6 – Hudson Valley
by Alice Clayton

nuts cream-of-the-crop Buns

Food food and more food!  You’ve got Nuts, which is about a self-sustainable farm.  It’s also got Zombie Pickle classes, and sugar snaps.  Cream of the Crop is all about the cheese!  Yummy delicious brie!  And buns, it’s all about the hot cross buns!

7 & 8 – Heroine Complex
by Sarah Kuhn

heroine-complex Heroine Worship

I wouldn’t say that this is a foodie series, but I can say that I’ll never look at cupcakes or Lucky Charms again the same way.

9 – Radiance
by Grace Draven



With Radiance, it’s all about the potatoes.  I love potatoes, but the way Brishen described them left an impression.  Now, while I enjoy them, I can’t help but think of this series.

10 – Lover Eternal
by J.R. Ward


There are two specific scenes in Lover Eternal that left altered my food perception.  First, every time I eat a maraschino cherry I imagine a certain tying the stem around his fang with his tongue.  And, of course, ice cream.  I will always equate ice cream with sun burn.

Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

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22 Responses

  1. Beware Of The Reader

    Haha Wendy I would have many difficulties doing this one too as I don’t read books about food either. It was very interesting to read how you came out of it LOL


  2. LOL – I don’t even remember the potatoes anymore. We are twinsies – CLETUS is on my list as well – ♡♡♡.

    I thought about Nuts, but I suddenly had too many:D Next time!!

    Have a great Tuesday and happy reading!!!


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