Monthly Media Mashup – New Fall Shows

It’s fall!

That means all the shows are coming back, and my TV time is going to get a lot better (which is going to get a lot worse for my reading).  I watch too much, I think.  I watch so much that I’m almost always behind.  I’m currently NOT behind on SupernaturalThe Voice… annnnd that’s it.  I have yet to start This is Us, The Flash, or Supergirl, I’ve only seen one episode of Arrow.. and I never finished last season of iZombie or The 100.

That’s probably because I’ve picked up three new shows to watch, which sucks up a lot of time.  I’ve started The Good Doctor, which I’m liking.  The first episode really hooked me, made me cry, but all of the episodes have been enjoyable.  I think we’re only about 3 episodes in so far this season, there isn’t a whole lot for me to talk about yet.  Maybe there won’t ever be.  I’m not sure it’s going to be one of those ‘oh crap, I’ve gotta talk about this!’ kind of shows.


On the other hand, I’m also watching The Gifted, and that show is far more likely to get me gabbing.  First of all, it has Ty from Switched at Birth in it, which was exciting.  I haven’t seen him in anything since Switched.  It also has Stephen Moyers.  I giggle every time he comes on screen.  I expect a ‘Sookie’ from him any second.  Come on you True Blood fans out there.  You know what I’m talking about ‘Sssooohooookay’.  Finally, it also has Fred in it, from Angel of the Buffyverse!  I love everything Buffy and was so excited when I saw she’d was in the cast.  I have high hopes for this show.  (Since I clearly have a thing for superhero TV.)

I’ve also started binge watching Blue Bloods with my husband.  I’ve eyed it for years, because Donnie Whalberg!  I’m such a Blockhead (NKOTB forever!), but I’ve burnt out on the cop shows.  My Grandma was the one who finally convinced me to watch it.  She kept calling Donnie “Danny”, and it took me a while to realize that was his name on the show. (She wasn’t just mixing up her boy band members, so I needed to stop correcting her.)  She kept telling me about the families Sunday dinner conversations, and about how ‘Danny’ was her favorite.  How can you say no to Grandma, so I put my husband in a headlock and forced him watch with me.  (Not really though, because I’m 5’4 and he’s 6’2.)

Blue Bloods

She’s right.  I love it.  And I do love those Sunday dinners!  They always spark a debate between me and my husband.  They’re always about something that’s debate worthy.  And actually, sometimes the conversations make me think in ways I never believed I would.  It’s just a really darn good show.

We’ve also recently started rewatching Boy Meets World, in order.  Everyone loves that show, and we enjoy having a mindless sitcom to binge some nights.  It’s television where you don’t really think, you just laugh and relax.  Plus, it’s Corey and Shawn.  Best bromance ever!


Lastly, I can’t close out this post without talking a little about Supernatural.  Not too much has happened this season, with only two episodes down.  I just want to see, if anyone out there in the blogosphere watches, doesn’t Jack remind you sooooo much of Castiel in his first couple seasons.  They almost have a similar sense of wonder.  I get the feeling it’s on purpose, since Jack feels like Cas was supposed to be his dad/protector.  Has anyone else picked up on this?

Anyway, are you guys watching any of these shows?  If not, what are you watching?


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  1. My husband is really into the CW shows, so I kind of half-watch them. I do watch Supergirl, though. We watch The Gifted, too – so far it hasn’t grabbed me, but it’s definitely better than Marvel’s Inhumans!


  2. My family and I have been intrigued by The Good Doctor. Not only because it was made by the same guy who created House, but because the main character has autism. As someone on the spectrum, I’m glad to see more and more characters with it. I can only feel like it’s about time.


      1. I forgot to answer for a while…I’m sorry! In the time it took for me to reply, I actually just finished the first episode around…two hours ago.
        It is based off a show, but not a British show, it’s based off a K-drama (a Korean show) which explains all the Korean workers behind the scenes, and the several Asian actors (if you look at the beginning part where they have all the actors/behind the scenes workers, you’ll see a lot of Korean names. I guess reading a lot of Korean Webtoons did me some good, haha)
        I don’t believe I’ve seen Highmore in much else (mainly just saw him in some stuff when he was a kid) but I also think he’s a really good actor, and just from one episode! As someone who is actually on the autism spectrum, I think he’s doing a good job at capturing tendencies. I know some people have complained about his way of speaking thus far, but honestly, some of my friends on the spectrum talk like that. The spectrum is a huge line, and no one has the same exact type of autism. So I think he’s doing a good job so far.


      2. Yeah, my parents have done a lot of research on the autism spectrum, so I’ve basically gotten this stuff spoken to me a lot throughout my life. So I do think he’s done a good job (so far) at doing an accurate portrayal. And oh my gosh, do the behaviors vary. Sometimes you get people where you just instinctively know, “oh, they’re probably autistic”, and then there are people who have to tell you, and you’re like, “oh. Everything makes sense now,”. It really varies.

        I actually never saw Spiderwick Chronicles…Only Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’m kind of interested in Bates Motel, especially after having seen Psycho.


  3. Beware Of The Reader

    Haha Wendy I don’t watch these shows. As I barely watch television I’m following from afar what my kids are watching as in Downtown Abbey, GOT, Suits, Arrow and Teenwolf mainly 😉


  4. I’ve started the Good Doctor and so far I’m liking it. The first episode I wasn’t sure about the show but as I keep watching I’m liking what I see.
    I laughed at the True Blood reference since I’m currently watching that I’m only 2 seasons in but I’m loooooooving it!


  5. Boy Meets World!! That’s my favorite show ever, it always cracks me up. It’s so nice to put on when you’re in the mood for something light, it’s always my comfort show!


      1. Yes!! And I love Eric as well, and Mr. Feeny, and just the whole family dynamic of that show. It’s really very wholesome, lol. I would watch it every day it was on TV growing up.


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