Top 5 Tuesday | I Will Go Down with these Ships!

I’ve been looking forward to this week’s Top 5 Tuesday!
I love talking about my favorite relationships, and I can’t wait to see what everyone else picked too!
Oddly enough, I’ve just realized that I didn’t choose any YA stories at all.  There have been YA ships I’ve adored, but maybe (seeing as I’m 38) I’m drawn more toward adult romances?  I also find that the older I get, the less I crush on YA heroes.  I do in the moment, but it usually fades.
Oh my gosh!  Is this another way I’ve grown too old!??!

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!


Jamie and Claire – Outlander

outlander Dragonfly Voyager

Jamie and Claire top this list, because in my eyes they’ve been the perfect couple since I was about 15 years old.  I also think it’s an because they have a relationship built on mutual respect.  Jamie appreciates Claire, and believes her to be a capable person the same as he is.  They just recognize that their skills are forged in different areas.  I’d snatch Jamie up for myself in a heartbeat, but I’d feel so guilty for it because they really are a perfect match.

There are a lot more than 3 books in this series, but I’m not adding ALL those covers! 🙂

Damen and Laurent – Captive Prince

captive-prince princes-gambit kings-rising

I’m addicted to Captive Prince.  I can go about one year before I’m bombarded with the craving to read it again.  That makes once for every year since 2015, and honestly it’s all because of the slow burn between Damen and Laurent.  The slide from hatred to devotion is so well done, I think this is probably my all time favorite romance series.

Wes and Jamie – Him

him us

Print or Audio, this duology is one of the best contemporary romance novels I’ve ever read!  I’m a sucker for the best friends to lovers trope, particularly in an M/M romance.  Wes and Jamie individually were spectacular characters, but pair them up and they knocked my socks off.  I’ve read this over and over, and I’m just as captivated by the story each time!  Wesmie forever!

Rhage and Mary – Lover Eternal


I went through a massive BDB obsessive phase a few years ago, and I’ve since gotten past it.  The one installment that stuck with me was Lover Eternal, about Rhage and Mary.  There was something about the way Rhage fell in love with Mary that got to me.  He couldn’t physically see her.  Her voice soothed his inner beast (literally, he has an inner beast).  It wasn’t about her physical appearance, it was her spirit.  They had such a beautiful relationship, with so many tender moments.  Setting aside the series as a whole, this particular vampire romance novel will always be one of my favorites.

Casey and Gus – How to be a Normal Person

How to Be a Normal Person

Casey and Gus have one of the lightest and happiest relationships I’ve ever read.  There isn’t a huge dilemma that keeps the apart.  Neither of them has some big, deep, dark secret in their life.  It has none of the romance novel tropes you’d usually expect.  Instead, it has one awkward (possibly high functioning autistic) main character who meets and loses his heart to an asexual stoner hipster.  It’s as wacky as it sounds, and yet as perfect as it sounds too.  Out of all these couples, if I had to pick one to mirror my own relationship after it would be Gus and Casey.

Runner’s Up

Cavalo and Lucas – Withered + Sere
Withered Crisped Sere

Neil and Andrew – Foxhole Court
The Foxhole Court The Raven King The King's Men


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15 Responses

  1. Totally agree with Jamie and Claire – watching them fall in love was great, but seeing them stay so in love during the course of the series and how much they had to endure was magical.


  2. JAMIE AND CLAIRE!!! I’m obsessed with them! I agree, though, it is a lot more than a “spark” or “lust” or anything that has kept them together even after all of their time apart…the beginning of book two alluding to the end, heartbreaking…the print shop scene, magical.


  3. I was wondering if you’d have Cavalo and Lucas on here lol. Runner up is still good! And yes for Damen and Laurent! I’ve only read that one once, but I do have another series I’ve read every year since 2015 (so three times now), and lately I’ve been getting the urge to read it again, so I will, prob soon. So I get what you mean!


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