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Sharing blogging love is super important, which is why this monthly post is one I really enjoying drafting up.  Everyone out there writes wonderful, interesting ideas, but here I’m highlighting three of my favorites in April.  I hope you like them as much as I did.



The Power of YA
Simon Spier and the rise of LGBT+ stories

This is such a well written post!  Lia included everything, including a breakdown of the book and movie, but also quotes of what this story means to other LGBT+ people.  She filled it with statistics, and heart.  I applaud her, because this topic is one I spend a lot of time thinking about too, but I wouldn’t have written it up and presented it as perfectly as Lia did.  It was definitely my favorite post in April.


My Ideal Character Mash Ups:
Perfect Retelling or Fanciful Wishing?

I know this was a writing prompt, and I’m not sure if there are other bloggers out there who wrote up other mashups in this same format, but what I do know is that I love these little short stories!  In fact, I want them to be long full length books!  I would read both of these, and I’m in awe of Camillea’s writing!


Feeling Validation as a Book Blogger and Why it Matters

I think validation is really important, and that’s why this was one of my favorite April posts.  Obviously we want to be validated by our blogging peers, and when we get it we feel great!  However, I think the portion in this blog post which talks about self-validation is extra important.  In this piece Marie talks about those of us out there who may not be as Twitter savvy, and how that can be a hindrance in getting our names out there, and so sometimes our growth is slower.  This is pretty much describing me.  I’m terrible at social-mediaing.  My validation comes in the group of friends I’ve made online, and from the enjoyment of writing my posts.

Thanks so much to Kristin Kraves Books for this post idea!

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