New Parenting Phase | HIGH SCHOOL!

Today was the first day of my daughter’s freshman year of high school.  Frankly, I can’t believe this actually happened.  I feel like I was just changing her diapers and picking out her little baby boogers, now she’s a makeup wearing, septum pierced, high school teenager.

Teeny Chick Baby Chick

I think I’m handling this transition well.  Everyone is talking about crying when their kid starts high school, or Kindergarten, I didn’t cry for either.  I feel pride that she’s so smart, kind and beautiful inside and out.  My fear comes out in anxiety rather than sadness.  I hardly slept last night, fretting about how her first day was going to go.  My worries stem from fear that she’s going to need me for something, because even though she doesn’t like admitting it she does still need me, and I won’t be there.

Some of this is only child syndrome, but it’s also that Baby Chick has always gone to a smaller school.  She didn’t really do class transitions in Middle School, instead switched classrooms in the same group throughout the day.  It was a huge change, moving into High School where, even though it is also a small High School, relies on the independence of the students to get to their classes timely.  I went over her schedule with her repeatedly, put a game plan in place, and I still agonized over it, fretting she was okay.

So, obviously she was okay and my freak out was over nothing.  I’ve mostly raised a very competent child.  There was a snafu in the lunch line, but for the most part she had a good day.   She thinks she’s going to enjoy most of her classes, which is good since it’s has a rigorous curriculum, and she’s already found some friends.  She had a good first day, thankfully.  I think it’s going to be a good year, and a good introduction to the high school world.

I can breathe again, because I know I was more anxiety ridden than she was.  She came home feeling good.  I came home feeling better.  It’s a win win.

Anyway, I wrote all that just to show off my daughters first day of school picture.  Ain’t she cute!

Baby Chick School

Happy High School Years, Baby Chick!

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19 Responses

  1. Wow… She is sweet… Lovely post. I could a mother’s heart in your post and I was feeling so emotional… I don’t know what else to say.. I hope your child realizes what a great mom she has


  2. Beware Of The Reader

    Yes yes she is cute! And today was the first day of College for my son! He’ll follow a one year cursus before trying to enter the army . They grow too quick Wendy!


  3. I’m 3 kids in to high school years and still have 6 more to go. I remember when my oldest started prekindergarten. I cried. She was only 3.5 and she was so nervous. I left tear free but when i got home and saw my husband, i started to ball like a baby. High school. Not so much! Lol.. shes a beautiful pain in my ass. A 10th grader now. I to love watching my children grow.


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