June 2017 Recap & What’s Coming Next

Books that I rated between a 4.5 and a 5:     Books that I rated between a 3.5 and a 4.5:   Books that I rated between a 2.5 and a 3.5:     Audio Reread The High’s & Low’s! June was a crazy month.  Lately work means so much less time.  I have so much less time to […]

Flights of Fancy | How I Blog

I’m not sure how fascinating anyone else will find this, but for some reason it’s been on my mind a lot so I thought I’d jot it all down and see if anyone else manages their blog the way I do, maybe get some blogging tips from how others. My Schedule I was obviously heavily […]

Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you so much to Lois and David for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award!  I love awards because it means that someone else has enjoyed Birdie Bookworm.  That makes me so happy! Take a moment to stop by and enjoy their blog.  They make a great team! Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you and […]

Book Blogger Insider Tag

Happy Sunday everyone!  It’s Tag Day here at Birdie Bookworm! I wanted to thank Meghan at Whimsical Explorations & Reviews for tagging me in the Book Blogger Insider Tag, especially since these types of tags are my favorite.  I love the questions that are geared more toward learning about each other outside of a favorite book […]

The Best of Friends

This weekend my family suffered a blow when my daughter Alex (Baby Chick) went into our bird room and discovered that her bird, Nemo, had passed away in the night.  I know that not everyone can understand the bond that a person can have with a bird, but it’s real and just as tangible as a bond […]

Blogging in 2017

2017 started off with a pretty significant change in my life.  After three years, I decided to part ways with Badass Book Reviews and commit to blogging solo.  What does that mean for Birdie’s readers?  Nothing.  I’m pretty sure my post amount will stay the same.   I just won’t also have to try and do […]