Top 5 Tuesday | 5 Reasons I Blog!

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm, and it’s so much fun! Thanks Shanah!

I have a feeling we all blog for similar reasons.
I mean, I think our number one reason for blogging is self-expression, no matter what subject we’re all writing about.  
Our blogs are our opportunity to unload.

I’ve always thought of blogging as an online journal.  It’s a journal that the whole world can read.  While I didn’t list that as one of my 5 reasons, it is a big reason I was drawn to blog.


Spread the Love!

As much as I enjoy Goodreads, I believe that there’s no better avenue for discovering new authors as the book blog world.  There’s something about this community that helps you interact with more readers, other than those with your same interests.  On Goodreads you tend to join groups with similar tastes.  You join the YA group, or the Romance group, and you get more people who like the same style.  When blogging, you get heart2to  know people whose reading tastes are completely different from your own, which then leads to a wider range of recommendations.  Finding a new genre feels wonderful, and helping others discover something new is also wonderful.  A win-win.

Unload all my book thoughts!

heartMy whole life, I’ve always had this problem where I’d read a book and feel so strongly, so passionately, about it and have nobody to talk to!  I would drive my family and friends nuts, because I would sit and spend 20 minutes telling them all about this book and why I hated/loved everything about it.  Or, I would sometimes keep it all bottled up inside because I knew that others didn’t really want to hear it.  Really it wasn’t just about a specific book.  Sometimes I’ll get philosophical about being a reader in general, and I knew that nobody cared.  They aren’t readers, but they’d still humor me and I knew that’s what they were doing.  It was an awful feeling, and I knew blogging would be a great outlet for it.  I was right.  Now instead of going on for 20 minutes, I only talk for 5 – because I know I’ve got you!

All the Pretty Decorations!

I was of the Myspace era!  (Do any of you remember that?)  Myspace was when my love for blog design started.  I’d spend hours building my Myspace page.  I built my own contact boxes, my own banners… I even created my husband a superman gif contact box.  I built it from the scene (Superman Returns) when the bullet is shot into Superman’s eye and it flattens.  It was awesome.  I’m so sad those pages are gone now.  heartDesigning has always been so much fun for me.  Not houses, but blogs.  Someday I’m going to get photoshop, so my graphics are as clear and clean as possible.

Because book activities are my fav hobby!

heart2Basically I work like this: Everything about reading and books is my favorite thing ever.  I like to read about reading, watch people reading, talk about reading.  I used to keep a notebook where I did nothing but write down every book I’d read, color coded by how much I liked it, and the page count.  If it’s about reading, then I’m invested.  Starting a blog just felt natural.  I could fill even more of my time thinking about books, talking about books, and decorating a bookish space.  It’s my only hobby, and yet it’s my favorite hobby.  I’ve tried other things, like knitting and beading.  Nothing gets my creative juices going like a great novel!

Building a community of like-minded friends!

The reality is, I didn’t start blogging with the idea that people would read it.  I really only started it for the first four reasons above, with the intention that it was for me to get out all my book feels, in a space I created for myself.  The inviting community was a bonus, and it’s one that I now couldn’t blog without!  Everyone I’ve met online has really enriched this whole experience, and it’s now my number one reason for blogging


About Birdie

Don’t look for her in any bar, club, crazy raging party, or anywhere there may be a large gathering of strangers. She’s more likely to be found tucked into the corner of the couch watching one of her favorite shows, or preferably under a comforter with her current novel.

24 Responses

  1. I LOVE your point about unloading all your book thoughts! I used to go on and on to my hubby or my mom about what I was reading because I just had to talk to SOMEONE about what I just read! My husband doesn’t care about books and my mom usually didn’t want to hear it because she planned on reading it herself! Sorry for the spoilers mom! So this was a great way to get it all of my chest!
    Thanks so much for participating and sharing your reasons!


      1. I learned quickly to start asking my mom if she planned on reading something. Then if she didn’t plan on it, I would tell her all about it and then she would say “that sounds really good – I should read that”. I’m sitting here wanting to scream BUT I ALREADY TOLD YOU HOW IT ENDS!!!


  2. I totally feel you on the love for design. I’ve spent countless hours designing my blog, and I LOVE going through it and see how beautiful it looks. I’m very proud of it ❤️
    Great list!


  3. Literary Lattes

    I love your choices here! I especially agree about unloading bookish thoughts – it’s so frustrating when you’re trying to talk about a specific book and nobody knows what you’re talking about! I agree about the design too! I love creating the aesthetics/dividers etcetera for each post, I find it really fun and also quite relaxing?


  4. This was a beautiful post Birdie! 😀 I love how you described how much you love reading & everything related to reading. That colour coded journal sounds like such a fun idea… kinda makes me want to start one like that, although I know I have no time for that! It just sounds super cool! 🙂


  5. rebeccamills01

    Yessss I am of the Myspace days, too. Probably why I kept it up on Tumblr later but I’ve since deleted Photoshop now. A little sad, but I think it’s for the best haha. I loved your list 🙂


  6. Beware Of The Reader

    I love all your reasons Wendy! And yes I can rave about a book for hours too so it’s handy to have a likeminded community listen to you! When you’ll get to photoshop let me know if it’s easy to learn as it’s something I’m considering too. And I sooo agree with you about the community. It was something I had no idea and one of the biggest perks of blogging! I hope your hubs is getting better and that life is somewhat lighter for you now Xoxo


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