Diversity Spotlight #7

Diversity Spotlight Thursday was created by Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks.  (The link takes you to her original Diversity Spotlight post, where she talks about her motivation for creating this meme.  You should check it out.) As I was searching for another meme to participate in I was especially drawn to Diversity Spotlight Thursday.  I do love […]

Baby Chick’s Pick | Mom Interviewing ME!

Baby Chick’s Pick – February 2017 Tiger’s Curse, Interview with Mom  While I was watching TV my mom decided that she wanted to interview me about A Monster Calls.  It seemed fair since I interviewed her about my favorite book. I’m excited to see what questions she picked out for me, and to see what the […]

Monthly Media Mashup

Confession, I haven’t been watching any regular TV.  Everything went on hiatus for the holidays, and by the time it all came back we were in Supernatural’s sweet embrace.  My daughter and I watched through the end of season 5, but then we got my husband into it.  He finally broke down, and it’s all […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

This is my second nomination for Sunshine Blogger!  There’s almost something extra exciting about being nominated a second time, so thank you very much to Not-So-Modern Girl for the nomination! In honor of Not-So-Modern Girl, I’m using her Little Miss Sunshine image, because it’s so flipping cute! The Rules: – Thank the person who nominated […]

Top Ten Tuesday | Lights, Camera, Action!

Movies I Love so Much I Can Recite Them! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about movies!  Your top ten pick of movies, whatever list you want to come up with.  Instead of doing favorites, or rom-com’s.  (I almost did Rom-Coms.)  I decided to bring you ten movies that I’ve watched so many times […]

What are my favorite scary movies?

Ha!  That’s a trick question!  There are none!  I hate scary movies! Now you’re probably wondering what the heck the purpose of this post is then, right?  Despite my aversion to being scared, I still wanted to give you guys something interesting to read for Halloween.  ‘Interesting’ is subjective, I know.  You may find this post boring. […]