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Baby Chick’s Pick – February 2017
Tiger’s Curse, Interview with Mom 

While I was watching TV my mom decided that she wanted to interview me about A Monster Calls.  It seemed fair since I interviewed her about my favorite book.

I’m excited to see what questions she picked out for me, and to see what the readers think about this.


Birdie: The monster tells Conor that Conor called him, how did he call him?

Baby Chick:  I think the dream called the monster.  Conor never verbally said anything, that we know of, so yeah I think it had to have been the dream.

Birdie: The monster told Conor three stories.  Which one did you like the most and why?

Baby Chick: My favorite was the story of the apothecary and the priest.  Just because, at the end of the story, when the monster was destroying the priest’s house he let Conor join in, which helped him release his anger and grief.

Birdie: How do you think those stories helped Conor with his truth? 

Baby Chick: The stories showed Conor that humans and emotions are complex. The monster told those stories to tell him, in his own way, that it was okay to have such mixed feelings.

Birdie: If you had written A Monster Calls, would you have changed anything? 

Baby Chick: Not really.  When I read it, there wasn’t anything that popped into my head that bothered me.  I liked it just like it was.

Birdie: Which did you prefer, the movie or the book and why did you like it more?

Baby Chick: The book and the movie were mostly the same.  But in the moment, watching the movie, there was a lot that I preferred about the book, like when he smashed the room.  I liked that there were leaves and sticks on the ground in the book.  Now, looking back, I get why they didn’t.  I think the movie did a really great job with the book.  I can’t choose here, because they were both great.

Birdie: What did you think the message of A Monster Calls was?

Baby Chick: Mom, this question feels just like the one you already asked me.  I think the message of the story was that people are complex.  That you can feel different emotions about the same thing, and it’s alright.  It doesn’t make you a bad person.

This was a really great movie and book.  I hope you guys read it and watch it, preferably read it and THEN watch it.  Just seems better to me when you read the book first.

If you do, come back and let me know what you think.
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