Anything but Books Tag!

Today I went a’thievin, and what did I find? An awesomely fun tag! Big thanks to Book Princess Reviews for allowing my pickity-pockety little fingers to lift this delight right from under their noses. We owe you one, truly. NAME A CARTOON CHARACTER THAT YOU LOVE. Calvin because I heavily identify with some of his […]

The Playlist Shuffle Tag

I’ve been jealously eyeing the Playlist Shuffle Tag for a while.  I’d actually broken down and decided to just play by myself, since I hadn’t been tagged, when Meghan from Whimsical Explorations and Reviews tagged me!  It was miraculous!  Thank you so much Meghan!  You’re random music selections were awesome!! Rules Put your music on […]

From Birdie’s Flock | Amanda Banana Rocks Out

Amanda Banana is back, ready to share her love of music with us. I particularly found this post touching. I hope you guys enjoy it too.   We appreciate you sharing with us, Banana! All of these songs either came out before I was born, or when I was really young.  If you don’t consider […]

The Happiness Tag

I really like the tags that ask us about more than just books.  I usually feel like I’m forced to name the same books over and over.  Tags like The Happiness Tag make it possible for me to talk about new things.  (Though talking about myself is hard!) Thank you Meghan, for tagging me in […]

Top Ten Fandom Tuesday Eve!!

Sometimes I wonder how I can still be into things like ‘Fandoms’ at my age.  I mean, I’m 38 years old.  Should I even know what Fandoms are?  My mother would say I should have outgrown this obsession.  I’m not sure I want to.  I like fantasizing and ‘fangirling’ about things I love. So, here […]

Monthly Media Mashup

Confession, I haven’t been watching any regular TV.  Everything went on hiatus for the holidays, and by the time it all came back we were in Supernatural’s sweet embrace.  My daughter and I watched through the end of season 5, but then we got my husband into it.  He finally broke down, and it’s all […]