MIA November

Okay, so I keep setting myself up by thinking everything in my life is getting back to normal.  Every single time something else happens.  I recently posted about taking a surprise week off due to coming down with this seasons flu/plague, but how I was back! Famous last words, because within days I was in […]

Flights of Fancy | The Vacation Curse

When I plan a vacation, it’s not really a vacation.  I’m not going anywhere.  I’d love to take my family somewhere awesome, but unfortunately money is just too tight.  Instead, I take time off and plan on doing absolutely nothing.  By nothing I mean, I’m not going anywhere (mostly) and I don’t plan anything special.  […]

The Reading Vacation!

VACATIONS are a magical time, right?  When they’re coming up, even if you’re not going anywhere, you feel feel like all your worries and cares are just going to evaporate and it’ll be a week of the most peaceful relaxation you’ve had in a long time.  They’re almost like magical rejuvenation for your mental balance.  It’s […]