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It hasn’t been long, only about three months, but the moment I finished Hell and High Water by Charlie Cochet I was hooked.  It is one of those series that when you begin one of the books you can’t put it back down.  You read it almost non-stop.  I had to force myself to pause and read other things between installments, just to try and spread it out.  Like I said, I only made it three months and I still consider that a success.

When I finished devouring the books, I joined the Facebook group and the Goodreads group only to find out that the author was promoting her collection of flash fiction, Thirds: Beyond the Books.  Basically there were a group of blogs hosting special features and giveaways.  I entered every single one.  And WON!

Check out all my goodies!  Note that I’m officially a THIRDS agent!


Now, it may not look like a lot to the average person, but to us Agents we see an official t-shirt, a tote bag, bookmarks, and series/couple/character cards.  It’s all very highly sensitive, classified materials.  You wouldn’t know anything about that, though.

True, I undershot the shirt size so it’s a little tight, and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with all the cards… that’s not the point.  The point is, I won it.  And it’s awesome.  And it’s mine.  The swag bag even came with nameplates to put inside each of the books, which means now I get to spend money by buying all of the books in print, instead of just having them on my kindle.  I can’t leave those signed nameplates and bookmarks to just waste away, can I?

My hubby will be thrilled!

P.S. Sloane & Dex Forever!


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