Challenge COMPLETED!

I have to take one day to commend myself, here.  Bear with me.

Every year I set the same reading goal on Goodreads.  It never changes.  It’s always 100 books.  Last year I thought I’d get bold and set it at 120, and I barely scraped out my normal 100 books.  In previous years I even cheated by changing my reading goal down to 75.  I hate seeing that big blaring ‘FAIL’ on my page every day, and I especially hate that little countdown that reads ‘you are 1500 books behind schedule’.  Talk about something that only exists to undermine your self-esteem!  I hate that ticker so much that one year I tried hard to not sign up at all.  Except, it’s right there every day, begging you to sign up, follow the crowd, be a joiner!  After a few months I caved -boom my normal 100 book goal.

When 2016 started I signed up, per usual, with my 100 books.  I’m always optimistic.  I always plan to read at least 100 books each year.  It’s a good number.  Well rounded.  It should be an easy goal for someone who loves reading like I do.  It’s the pep talk I give myself every January.  “Come on girl, you can do it, 100 books is easy!”  Guess what?

This year I SMOKED it!


As of August 9th I have officially knocked out all 100 of my reads!  And the best part is that little ticker that I hate so much, the one that usually tells me how behind I am, I love that damn ticker!  It’s now telling me that I am 40 books AHEAD of schedule!  Which means that, if I slow down to 2-3 books a month, come the last day of December I will have read somewhere around 140 books.  Except, I have no intention of slowing down.   At this point, the sky is the limit, right!

Now, maybe some of you are thinking that I should change my challenge -since in the past I’ve made it look like I hit my goal when really I didn’t.  To you I say, bite me!  This feels GOOD.  Let me repeat, I am now 40 books AHEAD of schedule!

I’d like to thank blogging, for without you I wouldn’t have been as driven to cram in as many reads as possible, needing something to talk about at least 2-3 times a week.  I’d also like to thank audio books because, even though it only makes up less than 10 of the books finished, being able to read and listen has given me the ability to absorb more than one book at a time.  Previously I was only a one book reader, so I’m positive that this will be a valuable reading tool in the years to come…

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
You have
completed your goal of reading
100 books in




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  1. Congratulations! I know how you feel about the tracker, I’ve only been doing the challenge since 2013 and it’s only this year that I’ve relinquished my desire to read 100 books. Last year, my first year of university, was horrible I barely hit 40 books due to the workload and my Goodreads account mocked me the entire time. This year however, I’ve set myself the challenge of 50 and I love the tracker! Seeing that I’m 12 books ahead of schedule is such a boost and a massive motivator 🙂 Good luck with the rest of the year! 🙂


      1. Precisely! I don’t mean to spam your blog promotion for future posts but I have a feeling you may interested, I promise this is the only reason I mention it. I write a weekly guest column for my local paper, one of which is about how reading is becoming more competitive. When I have permission I’ll be uploading it to my site. If your interested, keep an eye out 🙂 Again, apologies for the self-promotion …


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