Baby Chick’s Pick | Angelfall by Susan Ee


Baby Chick’s Pick – August 2016
Angelfall by Susan Ee

Hi!  It’s Baby Chick again, with my August book!

This month I chose Angelfall by Susan Ee.  Angelfall was the first book I read outside of the early reader section of my bookstore.  What I liked about it was that it is one of those books that starts out with immediate action.  First of all, you should know that Angelfall is about Angel’s who destroy the world. In the beginning you meet one of the main characters Penryn.  She’s running with her mom and her sister from her home, trying not to get caught.  The world around them is in ruin, and all the humans are in hiding.  I don’t want to tell you what happens, so I’ll just say it’s nonstop.

I’m a lot like my mom.  We both like the heroes of the story.  Raffe is an Angel who Penryn meets, even though they are enemies they find common ground and work together.  Raffe is serious, but he still jokes around even when he’s in trouble.  He always had something funny to say.  He was a really awesome character that I fell in love with.

Last month I selected The Tiger Saga books to talk about.  I mentioned that sometimes I struggled with the choices Kelsey made.  In Angelfall, Penryn’s actions didn’t bother me as much as Kelsey did.  Penryn always put her family first, even before herself.  She never lost sight of her goal, and her goal wasn’t romance.

While I really loved everything about this first book, as the series went on there were things that I wished had happened that didn’t.  I wanted everyone to have a happy ending, and the author had other plans.

If you are looking for a book for someone my age, I think this is a good pick.  It kept my attention from the beginning, and it never got boring.
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